Yujin Robot (official site) is a company that has been building industrial robots for 30 years and aims to remain at the forefront of that industry by adhering to the Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 (PDF whitepaper) principles.

At a high level, Industry 4.0 is the “fourth industrial revolution”, integrating digital technologies like IoT, AI, and robotics into manufacturing. It transforms traditional factories into smart, interconnected systems, optimizing processes through real-time data, predictive maintenance, and increased customization. This evolution enhances efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

Similarly, Logistics 4.0 aims to enhance efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness in the entire logistics ecosystem. Automation, smart warehousing, predictive analytics, and interconnected systems characterize this evolution, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

Yujin Robots are optimized to transport various heavy loads in environments such as factories and warehouses, but they also serve in public places like hospitals. The robots are only one aspect of what Yujin does, as they provide complete solutions that include all the necessary hardware and software for real-time monitoring, networked control, and the actual integration to the site or production line.

That includes the fleet management software, which ensures the overall efficiency of the robotic flow by avoiding traffic jams, etc. Although robots can navigate using their internal sensors, some high-level orchestration might avoid situations that happen beyond the internal sensors’ range.

Administrators can also assign (and track) tasks to individual robots and define key locations in the work site, including the location of elevators and automatic doors.

One of Yujin’s robot designs is the GoCart series, which features three models: the GoCart 180, GoCart 250, and GoCart 500. They all use modern technologies such as Time of Flight (ToF) Lidars to be aware of their surroundings to achieve a high degree of autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. Their model numbers refer to the 180 Kg, 350 Kg, and 500 Kg loads they can handle.

These robots are crucial to fully automate a production line because they transport parts and materials from a storage area to another work area where fixed-location robots or conveyor belts are located.

Additionally, Yujin can create custom-designed robots that can lift particularly heavy payloads or feature a low height required for specific industries. This is a market segment competitors cannot always address.

It is also possible to mount accessories on top of the robots to turn them from simple robotic carts to pallet lifters, rolling tables, rolling shelves, etc.

Since Yujin builds the complete hardware and software stack, they also sell a kit called RP Component Package, which includes all the components required 3rd parties to build their robots. Customers can retrofit AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle with a preset path) into a fully autonomous vehicle using this kit. Turning industrial vehicles (like forklifts and industrial cleaners) into fully autonomous robots would be possible, but that will take more testing.

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