Solive Venture (official site) is a startup that builds Home Developmental Care Solutions, notably with its Peel & Play educational sensory toy. This toy is designed to help children with “stimming behavior,” also called “self-stimulatory behavior,” and is the repetitive or unusual body movement or noises.

Stimming behavior makes it hard to nurture interpersonal and social relationships, as other people often misunderstand the cause and intentions behind the stimming. As such, this could lead to social stigma and ultimately create a feeling of isolation for the individual engaging in the behavior, potentially creating a vicious circle.

The Peel & Play toy acts as a sensory outlet that reduces the stimming behavior, this creating or opening more room for social connections. The idea came to the toy’s creators as Peeling an orange skin in specific shapes was an old game practiced in Korea.

The toy looks like an orange and its “skin” is divided into 20 triangle pieces. It is capable of haptic force feedback, and there are LED lights as well to provide visual feedback. The skin pieces have magnets and can also adhere to one another, in addition to being placed on the toy’s spherical surface.

Games can include placing the artificial peels on the sphere or creating shapes by attaching peels together via magnetism.

The app that comes with the toy can analyze the child’s development process and monitor progression (or regression). For example, it can determine how long the child can focus, or the duration of the stimming behavior.

There’s no wireless communication between the toy and the app, but it’s possible to take pictures of the toys and peel shapes with the app, which can accurately recognize various shapes and estimate if the child was able to follow a template.

The toy’s goal is to provide an outlet for the stimming behavior and expand the opportunity and window for positive social behavior.

Solive Venture was incorporated in August 2023, and this first product is innovative, original and relatively affordable (~ $100). At CES 2024, the company will try to meet potential buyers and partners to fuel its worldwide expansion. Peel & Play is a CES Innovation Award Honoree in Digital Health and Accessibility.

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