CERN has introduced an innovative robotic solution, the CERNquadbot, designed to navigate cluttered and hazardous environments, particularly within the intricate facilities of the Laboratory; This four-legged robot recently underwent a successful radiation protection test in CERN’s expansive North Area, showcasing its adaptability and agility in challenging terrains.

Developed within Building 937, the CERNquadbot stands out among CERN’s advanced robots due to its innovative four-legged design, providing unmatched stability and maneuverability on uneven surfaces.

Chris McGreavy, a robotics engineer at CERN, emphasizes the significance of this advancement, highlighting the limitations faced by wheeled robots in environments with loose wires and moving pipes.

The Robodog, alongside its counterpart CERNBotNA (North Area), has conducted a radiation protection survey within CERN’s largest experimental zone, marking a successful collaboration between these two robots. (Image: M.Struik/CERN)

The versatility of the CERNquadbot extends beyond stability — Equipped with advanced control algorithms, these robotic companions are capable of navigating complex environments, including the caverns housing experiments like the ALICE detector. Their ability to monitor environmental conditions and detect anomalies, such as water or fire leaks, is crucial for maintaining the operation of machines in tunnels and caverns.

CERN’s approach involves creating a complementary robotics ecosystem, where each robot serves a specific purpose. While the Train Inspection Monorail (TIM) excels in monitoring large distances within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) from above, the CERNquadbot explores uncharted territories on the ground beneath the beamline. This symbiotic relationship enhances the overall exploration capabilities of CERN’s robotic fleet.

As researchers continue to push the boundaries of robotics, the future holds promising prospects for further advancements in exploration and discovery within CERN’s unique infrastructure. The CERNquadbot promises to revolutionize how robots navigate and interact within CERN’s complex environments, expanding the horizons of exploration in particle physics.

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