June 2024 brings a selection of new VR games across various platforms, though fewer than in previous months. Notable releases include:

Eternal Starlight (June 3, Apple Vision Pro) — Originally released on Steam and Quest, this space fleet command game by White Noise Games arrives on Apple Vision Pro, offering real-time strategic gameplay similar to FTL: Faster Than Light.

Download: Apple Vision Pro, PC VRQuest

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire
(June 6, Quest) — Schell Games’ debut VR horror game features a vampire hunter navigating traps and puzzles to eliminate vampires, providing a single-player jump scare experience.

Download: Quest

Journey to Foundation
(June 7, PC VR) — Archiact’s narrative-driven sci-fi adventure has players use unique Mentalic abilities to influence others’ emotions, with choices impacting the story. The PC version boasts enhanced visuals and spatial audio.

Download:  PC VRPicoPSVR 2Quest

BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure (June 13, PC VR, Quest) — Mana Brigade’s game allows players to craft medieval weapons to support local heroes in their battles, featuring a full campaign and story.

Download: PC VRQuest

Neon Squad Tactics (June 13, Quest) — Tin Man Games’ cyberpunk action-adventure strategy game is set in UltraCity, where players complete missions for corporations in solo or co-op modes.

Download: Quest

Taskmaster VR (June 13, PC VR, Quest) — This adaptation of the game show tasks players with completing quirky challenges to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies.

Download: PC VRQuest

Downtown Club (June 14, Quest) — Commuter Games’ VR racing game features full motion control for realistic driving experiences and offers various gameplay modes and customizable vehicles in early access.

Download:  Quest

Sky Climb (June 26, PSVR 2) — VRMonkey’s platformer set in a balloon-themed universe offers 65 levels across seven worlds, including solo and multiplayer modes.

Download: PSVR 2Quest

Masternoid (June 2024, PC VR) — Pixel Magnet’s arcade brick breaker features a 50-stage campaign and online leaderboards, with retro-inspired colorful visuals.

Download: PC VRPSVR 2Quest

Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye (June 2024, PSVR 2) — This point-and-click adventure continues the story of robo-detective Philip Log and Jenny Montage, facing a new villain.

Download: PC VR, PSVR 2, Quest

VRIDER SBK (June 2024, Quest) — An officially licensed Superbike World Championship game mixing arcade and simulation racing, offering twelve tracks and online multiplayer in its full release.

Download: Quest

For more updates and details on these and other upcoming titles, keep an eye on gaming news and events like the UploadVR Summer Showcase on June 26.

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