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Hitman 3 VR Puts You In The Shoes Of Agent 47
The thing about first-person shooters or games that let players play in the first-person perspective is that it is meant to offer a more intimate experience. However, there is still a sense of detachment as you would essentially be playing through a monitor and controllers like a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

New Gran Turismo Being Developed And It Could Have PSVR Support
Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that Polyphony Digital is working on the next installment in the Gran Turismo franchise. While he may not have been too keen on the first generation PlayStation VR, it’s possible that he may give the technology a chance for the new title, hinting at the possibility that the new Gran Turismo could have support for the PlayStation VR.

Borderlands 2 VR Announced For PlayStation VR This December
If you’ve always felt that if there is one thing the Borderlands series is missing is virtual reality (VR), then you’re in luck because 2K Games and Gearbox Software have officially announced Borderlands 2 VR, which is essentially Borderlands 2 but playable in VR and will be launching for Sony’s PlayStation VR platform this December.

Tetris Effect Releases On PS4 And PS VR In November
Tetris Effect was revealed ahead of the E3 2018 gaming convention a few months back and the game made quite a splash. This new game comes from Tetsuya Mizuguchi who has been behind popular titles such as Rez and Lumines. Fans have been excited for this title ever since it was revealed that it’s going to support virtual reality. It has now been confirmed when this game will be released […]


Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Announced For Later This Year
After years of being teased, Square Enix has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be launching on the 29th of January, 2019. This means that we still have a few more months until the game is official, and we’re sure that many gamers can’t wait to get their hands on it. However the good news is that Square Enix has announced something that will tide gamers over until then.

Sony's New PSVR Bundles Come With Two Games Each
Having sold millions of PlayStation VR units already, the company is in no mood to slow down. Sony today announced a couple of new PlayStation VR bundles that come with two games each. Bundles normally come with one game so this will provide customers with more bang for their buck and thus entice them to purchase Sony’s virtual reality headset.

Sony PlayStation VR Sales Cross 3 Million Units
It’s evident that Sony has seen considerable success with its PlayStation VR headset and today the company put a concrete figure on its success. The sales of its PlayStation VR headset have crossed 3 million units, the company announced today, in addition to sales of over 21.9 million PSVR games and experiences.

Sony Cuts PlayStation VR Headset Bundle Prices
If you hadn’t purchased a bundle containing Sony’s PlayStation VR headset previously because of the price then you will be delighted to know that Sony has decided to cut the prices of its PSVR bundles. Sony has announced today that it’s cutting the prices of its PSVR bundles in the United States and Europe. The bundles are now $100 cheaper than before which means that those who were on the […]

PlayStation VR Price Cut To $199 In New Sony Promotion
If you’ve been meaning to pick up the PlayStation VR headset and weren’t able to when it was discounted over the holiday season last year, you’ll be happy to find out that Sony is now running a new promotion in which the PlayStation VR price has been cut to $199. The company is offering a $100 discount on its virtual reality headset for a limited time.

Bethesda’s DOOM VFR Is Now Available To Play
While the original DOOM released back in the day might not have been particularly scary, its newer titles are, possibly thanks to the improved graphics and textures and the lessons and experiences gained over the years. So you can imagine that playing DOOM in VR will probably kick things up a notch.

Sony Launches Doom PlayStation VR Bundle
Sony’s lineup of PlayStation VR bundles is steadily increasing. Merely days after launching the Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR bundle, Sony today announced the launch of its Doom VFR PSVR bundle. The bundle has been announced as the release date for Doom VFR closes in. It’s going to vault players into an entirely new gameplay experience that’s built for virtual reality.

Sony Unveils PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle
Earlier this year at E3 2017, Bethesda announced that Skyrim would be getting a virtual reality (VR) makeover in the form of Skyrim VR. They also announced that the game will be finding its way onto Sony’s PlayStation VR platform, and for those who have yet to purchase a PlayStation VR kit, Sony has you covered.

Sony Launches Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR Bundle
If you’ve yet to purchase Gran Turismo Sport and have also been thinking about getting Sony’s virtual reality headset for its console, how about you get the two together? Sony has launched a Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR bundle. The bundle includes the PlayStation VR headset, a copy of Gran Turismo Sport, and an updated PS VR demo disc.

Sony Announces Updated PlayStation VR Model
While we’ve seen the various virtual reality (VR) headsets in the market undergo upgrades and improvements, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset hasn’t seen that much changes, or at least until recently where Sony announced on its PlayStation Blog that there will be an updated PlayStation VR headset on its way.

Sony PlayStation VR Price Cut
Hot on the heels of a permanent $200 price cut by HTC for its Vive virtual reality headset, Sony is also cutting the PlayStation VR price. The company has dropped the price of its two PlayStation VR bundles. It’s now selling the $399 core PlayStation VR set which only included the headset previously with the PlayStation Camera. The camera itself costs $59. It’s now a part of the core bundle.

Leak Suggests That Fallout 4 VR Could Be Coming To PlayStation VR
At E3 last month, Bethesda took the wraps off Fallout 4 VR. This is basically the same Fallout 4 that gamers have come to know and love, but the difference is that now players will be able to play the game in virtual reality (VR), offering up a different perspective and experience than what the original game had.

Bethesda Will Be Bringing ‘Skyrim’ To The PlayStation VR
While Bethesda’s Skyrim might not necessarily be the latest RPG available at the moment, it seems that the developer is milking the heck out of it. The company not only announced a remaster of the game in the form of Skyrim Special Edition, but they’ll also be bringing it onto the Nintendo Switch with brand new controls.

U.S. Was The Top VR Market In Q1 2017
According to a new report by market research firm Canalys, the United States was the top virtual reality market in the world this past quarter. The report shows that 40 percent of all virtual reality headsets shipped globally were shipped in the United States. This goes to show that the United States is a world leader in the adoption of virtual reality technologies.

PSVR Aim Controller Release Expected In May
The Sony PlayStation VR’s Aim Controller was initially supposed to be released around the holiday season with the Farpoint FPS game but that didn’t happen. PSVR owners have not been able to get their hands on the controller and the game because both have been delayed. However, they might be able to pick one up over the next couple of months. Farpoint developer Impulse Gear has said that the PSVR […]

Almost One Million PlayStation VR Units Sold Since Launch
According to a new report, when Sony launched the PlayStation VR, it set an internal goal to push one million units of the virtual reality headset within six months of launch. It appears that the company has come close to achieving that goal with time to spare. The report reveals that Sony has sold 915,000 PlayStation VR units to consumers ever since it was released in October last year.