Samsung has announced the release of the first Galaxy Watch FE, its entry-level smartwatch that offers almost the same health and wellness features as its more expensive sibling, the Galaxy Watch 6.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in July 2023 (read my review here). The main differences were the return of the iconic rotating crown on the Classic, the size, and the price.

The Galaxy Watch FE Bluetooth version will be available in Black, Pink, Gold, and Silver on June 24 for 199.99 for the BT version. The LTE version will come later this year for $249.99. This is about $150 less than the Watch 6 launched at $299.99 for the 40mm model and $329.99 for the 44mm model. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic launched at $399.99 for the 43mm and at $429.99 for the 47mm watch.

Besides affordability, the main differences between the Watch FE and the Watch 6 are its size and hardware. The  Watch FE only comes in one 40 mm model and features the previous generation SoC of the Galaxy Watch 5, the Exynos W920, with 1.5GB instead of 2GB of RAM.

The battery capacity is also lower at 247 mAh compared to 300 mAh offered by the Watch 6.

Similarly to the Watch 6 series, the FE is IP68-rated, features the BioActive sensor, and gets the Wear OS software with  Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch, meaning it will provide the same wellness applications.

Thanks to Samsung’s advanced BioActive Sensor, the Galaxy Watch FE offers a range of fitness and wellness functions, delivering personalized and actionable tips around the clock. The watch supports better sleep with advanced features such as sleep pattern monitoring, tailored sleep coaching, and creating a sleep-friendly environment. It also provides comprehensive heart health monitoring with features like HR Alert for abnormal heart rates and Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) for atrial fibrillation detection. Users can also monitor their heart health through ECG readings.

The Galaxy Watch FE enables tracking of over 100 different workouts, offering detailed progress reports. For runners, advanced running analysis helps optimize performance and prevent injuries. The Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature allows users to set goals based on their physical capabilities. Additionally, the Body Composition feature provides detailed body and fitness data to track progress, along with motivational messages to keep users engaged in their wellness journey.

As part of the Galaxy ecosystem, the FE offers a seamless connected experience with other Galaxy devices. Users can locate their phone with Find My Phone and control their connected Samsung smartphone camera with Camera Controller. The watch also supports Samsung Wallet, enabling payments and access to identification cards like driver’s licenses or student IDs.

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