Some iPhone XR Models Are Already Sold Out

Apple’s iPhone Xs Max represents the best iPhone that Apple has to offer. Not only does the phone pack a massive 6.5-inch display, but it uses an OLED screen which does offer up better colors and is also in theory more energy efficient than LCD, and let’s not forget the dual camera setup on the back.

Uber Introduces VoIP Calling Feature To Its App

One of the ways Uber drivers and/or riders can get in touch with the other person is by sending messages or calling them the old fashioned way. However for those who might prefer communicating over the internet, such as VoIP calls, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Uber has recently introduced the feature to its app.

Skybound Wants 100% Of Telltale Staff To Complete The Walking Dead

Recently it was confirmed that Skybound would be taking over the development duties of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series following the studio’s announcement that they would be shutting down. The announcement was sudden which led to many wondering about the state of some of the studio’s games that have yet to be completed.

Twitter Will Let Users Know When Tweets Are Removed For Violations

There are times when you come across a tweet but only to discover that maybe an hour later it has disappeared. There could be many reasons for this, such as the user themselves deleting it, or it could be possible that the tweet might have been deleted for violating Twitter’s guidelines.


Google Updates Embedded YouTube Videos With New Design

Embedding YouTube videos in websites is pretty common and if you’re a creator, you might be able to appreciate a recent design change that Google has made to YouTube embeds, where based on these design changes it should allow viewers watching the embedded video to navigate to the video’s channel easily as well as manage certain basic settngs.

ASUS ROG Phone Now Available For Pre-Order

Gaming phones seem to be a trend that we’re seeing these days, and ASUS has thrown their hat into the ring with the ROG Phone. If you think that the ROG Phone is something you might be interested in, then you’ll be pleased to learn that ASUS has started taking pre-orders for the handset.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Officially Announced

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Book which was the company’s take and attempt to compete with Microsoft’s Surface tablets. We have heard rumors that a successor could be in the works and sure enough Samsung has since officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Windows tablet.

Verizon’s Pixel 3 Needs To Be Activated Before Being Used On Other Carriers

Are you thinking of getting the Pixel 3 from Verizon? If you are and if you’re the type that changes carrier from time to time, or if you travel and prefer using local carriers instead of paying for roaming, then you might want to rethink your decision. This is because customers who buy the Pixel 3 from Verizon will need to activate the device before switching carriers.

Survey Finds That 50% Of US Users Don’t Know Who Owns WhatsApp

Everyone probably knows companies such as Facebook and Google, but did you know that these companies actually own a fair number of popular services and software that you might be using on a daily basis? For those who follow the tech news, chances are you might be familiar with this, but a recent survey found that a good many people don’t.

Apple Had Previously Tried To Get Carriers To Use iMessage

Apple’s iMessage is the company’s take on SMS and instant messaging, but unfortunately it is pretty much limited to users of iOS and macOS devices. However it seems that at one in time Apple had actually wanted carriers to adopt its iMessage platform in hopes of making it a new standard.

iPhone XR Now Available For Pre-Order

Last month when Apple announced their new iPhones, they announced the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and the XR. The former two phones are the higher-end models of the lineup, where they feature dual cameras and OLED screens, while the iPhone XR represents the more affordable handset.

Huawei Confirms Plans For A Foldable Smartphone In 2019

It is largely expected that Samsung will be unveiling a foldable smartphone later this year, or at least sharing some details about the device. However Samsung is not alone in wanting to explore the concept of foldable phones because last we heard, Lenovo was also planning something and is said to be working with LG on such a device.

90% Of Table Salts Contain Microplastics

The next time you reach for the salt shaker, think again. This is because too much salt can be unhealthy, but at the same time it seems that research conducted by researchers in South Korea and Greenpeace East Asia have found that a worrying 90% of table salt contains microplastics.

Shimabun IoT Helmet Monitors Workers Safety

When you need a hard hat at work, it means that you’re already exposed to a dangerous environment. If something were to happen, the question is how fast can help come because, at that point, every minute counts.

ALPS Haptic Reactor Quadra Will Probably Power Your Next-Gen Gaming Controller

Few people know this, but 80% of game controllers use at least one ALPS component, like their directional joystick controller. The Haptic Reactor is a force-feedback vibration device that just got upgraded and demonstrated at CEATEC 2018.

Samsung Reportedly Testing Behind-Display Selfie Cameras

These days we’re seeing a lot of smartphones adopt the notch in their display and design. This is because a lot of phones are starting to go for edge-to-edge displays with minimal bezels, but due to front-facing cameras, there needs to be a space for the components, thus leading to the notch.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Released

Rockstar has a couple of franchises under their belt that have been very well received, such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, the latter of which many have been anticipating its sequel for quite a while now. The good news is that the game will be released soon but in the meantime it looks like gamers can check out the game’s newest launch trailer in the video above.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Upcoming iPad Pro Will Ditch Lightning For USB-C

For years Apple has refused to conform to industry standards for its iOS device connectors. The company has continued to use its proprietary connectors for iOS devices, but there have been rumors that suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro refresh could see Apple ditch Lightning for the USB-C industry standard.

Spotify Premium Updated With New Design Features

Earlier this year, Spotify rolled out a new design for its users, but it seemed to be only available to Spotify’s free tier users. However the good news for Premium subscribers is that it looks like Spotify is finally rolling out those changes where they can expect a new design as well as some changes to the way they navigate the app.

SoundCloud Will Now Allow DJs To Directly Mix Its Tracks

While SoundCloud might not necessarily be the streaming platform on par with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music, the platform has managed to carve out a rather niche section of the market where it appeals to those who enjoy EDM, and for indie musicians and DJs who upload their own mixes to the platform.

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