NYPD Pulling Body Cameras After One Catches Fire

The New York City Police Department has been testing body cameras for its force since the past few years and aimed to equip every officer with one by next year. It may not be able to meet this goal as its now pulling all body cameras after one caught fire last night. A camera worn by an officer in Staten Island began smoking and “burst into flames,” according to the […]

Google Pixel 3XL Does Well In Durability Test

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now out and customers who pre-ordered it have started receiving their units. If you’re as yet undecided then perhaps this Google Pixel 3 XL durability test will make the decision easier for you. YouTuber Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything, the go-to channel for smartphone durability tests, has put the latest Google flagship through its paces.

Apple Now Selling USB-C Watch Charger

Apple has added a couple of new products to its store today and the iPhone XR is one of them. The other is a USB-C charger for the Apple Watch. The only way you could charge the company’s smartwatch previously was using the USB-A cable. This made it difficult for users to charge the wearable device particularly if they owned a late 2016 and onwards MacBook Pro.

No Chinese Spy Chips Found On Servers, Says U.S. Intelligence Head

It was reported earlier this month by Bloomberg that the Chinese had carried out a hardware hack on major U.S. tech companies like Amazon and Apple. Chinese server company Super Micro reportedly fitted surveillance micro-chips on data center hardware used by these companies. The US director of national intelligence Dan Coats has now said that no evidence has been found to suggest that any of this ever happened.


Audi E-Tron SUV Delayed By A Month

Many are looking forward to Audi’s E-Tron SUV to hit the road but they will have to wait for a little bit longer for that. The German auto giant has confirmed that it has delayed the SUV’s arrival by four weeks. It needs that additional time to sort out a “software development issue.”

Marvel’s Luke Cage Canceled By Netflix

Netflix is ditching some of its Marvel original series. Merely a week after the streaming giant announced that it won’t bring back Iron Fist for a third season, Netflix has confirmed that similar decision has been made for Luke Cage. There will be no third season of Marvel’s Luke Cage.

Uber May Start Providing On-Demand Workers

You can get a car at any time you want with Uber. Just launch the app, punch in your destination, and you’ll be on your way soon enough. It dominates the on-demand ride-hailing market in key regions across the globe and as the company gears up for its potential IPO next year, it appears to be looking into additional businesses. One of those businesses could involve providing staff to business […]

Cheaper Model 3 Now Being Sold By Tesla

Tesla is now selling a cheaper variant of the Model 3, its first mass-market electric car. The mid-range battery version of this car starts at $45,000 before tax incentives. The variant has an estimated battery range of 260 miles. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the availability of this new variant through Twitter.

Healthcare.gov System Breach Exposes Data Of 75,000 People

Personal and confidential data of some 75,000 people was leaked after hackers were able to access a government system used by insurance agents and brokers to sign up customers for healthcare plans. This system was connected to the Healthcare.gov website, the main landing page for anyone who wants to sign up for an insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.

Vertu Returns With Aster P Luxury Smartphones

Nokia first launched Vertu as its luxury subsidiary many years ago. It has since been passed from owner to owner and was most recently in the news for a bankruptcy. However, Vertu is back now with another luxury smartphone aimed at customers who have more money than they know what to do with. The Aster P Baroque and Aster P Gothic start at $4,200.

Verizon Pixel 3 SIM Lock Temporarily Being Removed

Verizon hasn’t been locking LTE phones since 2008 but it recently announced a change to that policy. It said that phones won’t be SIM unlocked out of the box. Verizon is the only carrier to offer the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in the U.S. and it appears that these devices are the first on its network to be SIM locked out of the box after a decade. […]

Oppo Accused Of Cheating On Benchmark Tests

Smartphone manufacturers are often caught cheating on benchmark tests and this time it appears that Oppo has been caught doing the same. UL Benchmark, the company behind popular testing software 3DMark, has found that two of Oppo’s smartphones produce “artificially high and misleading” benchmark scores. That is why it has delisted the Oppo Find X and F7.

OnePlus 6T Launch Date Changed Due To Apple’s Event

Soon after Apple confirmed that it’s going to conduct an event on October 30th, OnePlus announced that it has changed the OnePlus 6T launch date. Apple’s event is presumably about new iPads but that being said, whatever it launches on that day will dominate the tech news cycle. OnePlus doesn’t want its next flagship smartphone to be under that shadow so it has decided to switch up the OnePlus 6T […]

PS Vue Integration Brings Live And On-Demand Shows To Apple’s TV App

PlayStation Vue, Sony’s standalone online TV streaming service, has become the first streaming TV provider to be integrated with Apple’s TV app. This means that users of this app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV will now be able to browse on-demand and live content from within Apple’s TV app.

Some iPhone XR Models Are Already Sold Out

Apple’s iPhone Xs Max represents the best iPhone that Apple has to offer. Not only does the phone pack a massive 6.5-inch display, but it uses an OLED screen which does offer up better colors and is also in theory more energy efficient than LCD, and let’s not forget the dual camera setup on the back.

Uber Introduces VoIP Calling Feature To Its App

One of the ways Uber drivers and/or riders can get in touch with the other person is by sending messages or calling them the old fashioned way. However for those who might prefer communicating over the internet, such as VoIP calls, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Uber has recently introduced the feature to its app.

Skybound Wants 100% Of Telltale Staff To Complete The Walking Dead

Recently it was confirmed that Skybound would be taking over the development duties of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series following the studio’s announcement that they would be shutting down. The announcement was sudden which led to many wondering about the state of some of the studio’s games that have yet to be completed.

Twitter Will Let Users Know When Tweets Are Removed For Violations

There are times when you come across a tweet but only to discover that maybe an hour later it has disappeared. There could be many reasons for this, such as the user themselves deleting it, or it could be possible that the tweet might have been deleted for violating Twitter’s guidelines.

Google Updates Embedded YouTube Videos With New Design

Embedding YouTube videos in websites is pretty common and if you’re a creator, you might be able to appreciate a recent design change that Google has made to YouTube embeds, where based on these design changes it should allow viewers watching the embedded video to navigate to the video’s channel easily as well as manage certain basic settngs.

ASUS ROG Phone Now Available For Pre-Order

Gaming phones seem to be a trend that we’re seeing these days, and ASUS has thrown their hat into the ring with the ROG Phone. If you think that the ROG Phone is something you might be interested in, then you’ll be pleased to learn that ASUS has started taking pre-orders for the handset.

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