Android comes with great customization options, and with the help of themes, you can completely change its look. The Google Play Store is full of mesmerizing themes that you can easily download using a dedicated Launcher app like the Hola Launcher, or others. These themes are capable of changing animations, icons, wallpaper, buttons and menus.

From all the available themes on the Google Play Store, I have selected [what we deem to be] the best themes from different categories. Pick the one you like and completely change your phone’s interface.

1. Forest GO Launcher Theme

Best-Android-Themes (2)

We will start with a theme for tree huggers who love nature and its wonders. Forest is a GO Launcher theme based on the spirit of the forest. The theme has a night with a prominent moonlight touch along with beautiful things of nature in white.

There are a total two wallpapers in this theme, and the wallpaper is blurred for clarity when you access the app drawer. There is a different icon for each app with a little bit of touch of nature. The theme is completely free to use, but you will have to download and install GO Launcher to use it.

2. Soul GO Launcher Theme

Best-Android-Themes (3)Soul is a theme for those hardcore people who like fire, pain and skulls as a theme for their phone. The theme is full of fire and dark effects with a burning skull as the main wallpaper. It will give all your apps’ icons a burning effect and popular app’s icons are specially designed for an added experience.

The theme is not free, after installation, you will have to buy the theme before applying. You can either pay for it using real money or use Getjar gold that can be gained by downloading few sponsored apps.

3. Sci & Tech Life Hola Theme

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This is a simple and elegant theme with a little bit of a tech/modern touch. Sci & Tech Life changes icons to clear icons with a tiny bit of technology-based design, like simple gadgets. It is not a “futuristic technology” theme, all the changes to the icons are based on current technology/design.

The main reason why you may like to try this theme is because of its simple design and very light weight. It will not slow down your phone like other themes with high resolution and tons of animations. You will need to have a Hola Launcher to use this free theme.

4. Jellyfish Hola 3D Theme

Best-Android-Themes (4)

It is a 3D theme with many 3D animations while being based on the water life (Jellyfish, to be precise). Jellyfish theme has a fresh blue look with a clear design. The app icons are quite simple, so there isn’t much to jump about, but its 3D design makes it a perfect theme for 3D animation lovers.

The screen transition is in 3D with flips and twists along with many live and 3D effects. To use the theme, you will be required to have the latest version of Hola Launcher.

5. Looking For a Dream Hola Theme

Best-Android-Themes (6)

It is a really cute theme with a clean interface and a bit historic touch. A big, fat and cute panda seems to be the main character in the theme with some icons also made around it. Looking For a Dream theme is a combination of blue and green colors with some icons being off-white.

The theme is also quite light along with smooth transition. The icons are really cute with history based items replacing the icons, for example, a paper map for the “Map” app or a Banjo for the “Music” app. It is free to use, and you will need Hola Launcher to use this free theme.

6. Music life GO Launcher Theme

Best-Android-Themes (9)

If you love music, then you really have to try out the Music life theme. It is a mixture of graffiti and music instruments to give your Android phone a funky look. There are a total two themes, although there isn’t much difference between them, apart from the background changes.

The theme changes all of the icons to cool graffiti art with paint drippings. It has unique icons for many of the common apps like, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Maps. It is also quite light with very smooth transition. You will need to have Go Launcher Z to install and use this free theme.  

7. Hello 2015 Hola Launcher Theme

Best-Android-Themes (1)Hello is a really elegant theme with attractive and fun icons. It is very light on the resources with refreshing design that will surely make you smile. The wallpaper of the theme is blurred, but it gives a very clean look to the interface and app icons.

It is not one of the most classically-attractive theme, but it is interesting enough to make you smile. The theme is completely free, but requires you to install Hola Launcher first before using. You will find fun icons like, phone booth for “Logs”, a hippie for contacts, cute dragon for settings, and a letter slot for “Email”.

8. Dragon CLauncher Theme

Best-Android-Themes (10)

Dragon is a stylish theme based on well… a dragon. The theme is in black and cold blue color with a really cool dragon in the background. It doesn’t have any kind of special animations or stylish icons. All the phone icons have a different color and are just circled by a metallic ring to give them a sleek look.

Least animations and less detailed icons also lead to a lighter theme, making it perfect for slower phones. It will work best for people who just want a simple yet cool looking theme that is very resource friendly. You will need to have Clauncher installed before using this free theme.

Just pick the theme you like, but keep in mind that some themes may be heavier on resources, and may lead to (slightly) slower performance. Also, keep in mind that not all Launcher apps are as optimized as the default one from your handset maker.

If you have an older phone, then it is recommended that you use a light theme like Dragon or Sci & Tech Life which are simple but light as well. However, if you want something really interesting, then Jellyfish and Soul are also quite good themes. Let us know which theme you are using in the comments below.

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