There were probably a lot of times when we were younger that we chose usernames or display handles on the internet that we thought was clever, edgy, and so on. However, you might have since had a change of heart where you think that maybe you want something that better represents you in a more professional setting.

The good news is that if you didn’t like your Twitter username or display handle, you can actually change it without having to create a brand new account and lose your followers, and here’s how you can go about doing it.


How To Change Your Twitter Username

What is your Twitter’s username? Your Twitter’s username is the one with an @ in front of it. This is what other Twitter users use to mention you or to tag you in posts. This is different from your actual display name, although this isn’t to say that both can’t be the same, but there is a distinction between both of them that you might want to consider.

  1. Go to Twitter’s website
  2. On the left navigation panel, click More > Settings and privacy
  3. Go to Your account > Username
  4. Type in your new username and click Save

Assuming that there isn’t anyone else using the same username, you should have no issues choosing a new one. However, we should point out that you shouldn’t change your username too frequently. This is because your username is what other users use to search for you or mention you or identify you, so if you plan to be someone who can be easily reached on Twitter, keeping it constant makes sense.

How To Change Your Display Name

Unlike your username, your display name is your actual name, or nickname if you prefer. For example, the official President of the United States’ Twitter account is @potus, but the name of the account can be changed depending on who’s the sitting President at that time. In your case, your username could be your company name, but the display name could be your own name.

Unlike usernames, display names don’t necessarily need to be unique and you could change it to anything you want, but then again, like we said, if you want to maintain an established presence on Twitter, keeping it constant will probably go a long way towards that.

  1. Go to Twitter’s website
  2. Click on Profile to the left navigation panel
  3. Click Edit profile
  4. Enter your new display name and click Save

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