uTorrent is a reputable program for downloading torrents, but it is also ad supported unlike many other torrent programs. After Acquiring uTorrent, BitTorrent, inc. added ads to generate some revenue from the torrent program. However, most people are not comfortable with ads on a desktop app, which is why BitTorrent, inc. made it optional.

You do have the option to disable all the ads from your uTorrent client, but BitTorrent, inc. didn’t make it easy to disable them. But fret not, we are here to help you get rid of all the ads from the uTorrent desktop client.

You don’t need any kind of special software to get rid of the ads, it’s right there, buried in the uTorrent desktop client options.

Warning: To disable ads you will have to tweak some advanced settings, and if you will make any mistake while doing so, it could negatively affect your uTorrent client. This also involves preventing you from downloading any torrents, so be careful and follow all the instructions carefully.

disable_utorrent_ads (2)

Disable Ads and Offers in uTorrent

Open your uTorrent client and click on “Options” located at the top left corner of the window. From the drop down menu, click on “Preferences”.

disable_utorrent_ads (1)

Another window will open up, in there, click on “Advanced” in the left side menu (Click on “Advanced” not the “+” sign before it).

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Now, you should see lots of options in the right panel. We will have to tweak few of the options to disable ads and offers, but as there are too many options, we need to use the “Filter” field to find the right option.

In the blank field next to the “Filter” option, you can enter a keyword to find the option related to it.

disable_utorrent_ads (4)

Disable the Ad located at the Bottom Left Corner

To disable the ad on the bottom left side of the uTorrent client, we need to disable the option “offers.left_rail_offer_enabled”.

To find this option, you need to enter the name of the option in the “Filter” field, but the name of the option may change depending on the version, so we need to enter a proper keyword.

For this option, “left_rail_offer” is a good keyword, which is most likely not to change. Just enter “left_rail_offer” in the “Filter” field and you will automatically see the option in dialog below.

disable_utorrent_ads (5)

The value of the option should be set to “True” (enabled), to set it as false (disabled), either double-click on the option or click on it and select “False” in the option below it.

disable_utorrent_ads (6)

Disable Ads located at the Top Bar

To Disable Ads from the Top of the client you need to disable “offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled” option.

Enter the keyword “sponsored_torrent_offer” in the “Filter” field and you should be able to see the option. Double click on it or select it and choose “False” located below it.

disable_utorrent_ads (7)

Disable other ads and offers

To disable other occasional ads and offers, you need to disable few other options.

These options include:

  1. gui.show_plus_upsell            Keyword: show_plus
  2. bt.enable_pulse            Keyword: enable_pulse
  3. gui.show_notorrents_node        Keyword: show_notorrents
  4. offers.content_offer_autoexec    Keyword: offer_autoexec

Just find each option with the provided keyword and disable them by double-clicking on them or selecting them and choosing “False” option located below them.

When you are done disabling all of the options, click on “OK” and exit the uTorrent client. You need to exit the client completely, even from the system tray.

disable_utorrent_ads (8)disable_utorrent_ads (9)

After a short delay, just open the client again and ads should be removed.

disable_utorrent_ads (10)

If there are any questions or you know any other way to disable uTorrent ads, let us know in the comments below.

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