No matter what search engine you utilize, Google is going to have a lot of useful data for almost anything.

For that reason, you can easily find phone numbers with Google. It is worth noting that if you already know the phone number, you can simply perform a reverse number lookup.

Fret not, you won’t have to visit any shady website to get the phone number of a business or person – in this article, we will be mentioning the techniques with which you can find the phone numbers with Google.

How To Use Google To Find Phone Numbers?

Note: While we mention the simple ways to find phone numbers on Google, it isn’t possible to get the details for every individual/business. Some choose to keep their details private and probably never shared their information online – so you may not be able to get any details for them.

Finding Contact By Name

It is quite straightforward to search for a phone number by just using a name. You just have to type in the name – potentially the full name.

In that, you will be getting some links to education portals, social media profiles, and other blogs (if found). You should take a look at the immediate search results that you find on the first page.

In addition to the first page results, you can also choose to browse the next pages but it may not be a good idea always.

Some also suggest that if you know the address of the person, you can try appending the pin code or any other piece of the address to the name and search for the phone number.

For instance, if the name is “XYZ” and the area name is “S Colony“, you can simply type XYZ S Colony in the search to try finding the phone number.

Finding Phone Number By Business Name

Instead of an individual, you just have to type in the business name or the brand that you’re trying to find a phone number for.

You can just follow the same format mentioned above to append the address or Pincode to the name and simply perform the search on Google.

Finding Phone Number By Site

Most of the websites across the Internet can be found on Google – unless it’s something illegal. So, if you’re aware that the individual/business you’re looking for is associated with a specific website, you can type in a specific format to find the contact number.

As shown in the image above, you just need to type in the name or business name, then append ““.

If you’re searching for the listing on one website, stick to the format mentioned above. And, if you want to search across multiple websites with similar domain extensions, you will have to add “site:*.edu” to the search query instead of mentioning the whole domain.

For example- “Name“.

Other Tips To Find Phone Number With Google

You can refine your Google search results to get more detailed information. Similar to what we mentioned above, you can simply search for the name with a combination of their email address, social media username, or any other personal information that you have with you.

It would be very tough to get the number if they haven’t shared it online (or if you don’t have enough information to search with).

In addition to Google, you can also utilize other search engines to find phone numbers for an individual or business when needed.

Wrapping Up

Following the above methods should easily help you get more information about the person/business even if you fail to get the phone number. You should explore the search results and keep experimenting with a few combinations of information as search terms to try finding the phone number.

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