If you are the only person in your household, then you never want to misplace your phone in your home. Sometimes your phone travels to the notorious nook and cranny where locating it is almost impossible for the human eye. However, there are certain ways you can find your phone without having to search for it. Since you’re living alone, it’s certain that you can not ask anyone else to call your phone, but you can call your phone yourself online. Here are the methods to ring your phone directly through the Internet.

1/ Use Skype to Call Your Phone (Paid)

If you are already using Skype, then you are in luck because you can quickly make calls worldwide through Skype. However, you will need Skype Credit to make a call via Skype. You can either choose “Pay as you go” option to pay with credits depending on the amount of minutes you use or you can either buy a subscription on a monthly basis to make free calls for the entire month.


Click the phone keypad icon in Skype. Now, if you don’t already have Skype Credit or a Subscription then click “Add Skype Credit”.

Buy Skype Credit

Now you will be routed to the Skype website where you can purchase the amount of credit required. You can pay via Your preferred payment method. You can now make a call to your phone or somebody else’s phone as long as you have the credit in your Skype account.

2/ Use Gmail to Call Your Phone (Paid)

It might sound unrealistic, but Gmail lets you call your phones. Not technically Gmail but the Google Voice plugin available for Gmail lets you make voice calls to numbers worldwide. Best of all, if you have a US or Canada number then you can make the calls for free through Gmail.


Open up Gmail in your browser. Now at the Bottom left you have the option to make a call. Click the “Make a call” option and a new window pops up.


Enter the number (your phone number) you want to call and hit Enter. The call will now go through to your phone.

3/ Use Nonoh to Call Your Phone (Paid)

Head over to Nonoh and sign-up for a new account. The best thing about Nonoh is the fact that it allows you to make calls for free. You won’t be able to have a conversation for free, but you can ring your phone as many times as you want. You don’t need conversation, so there’s no need for loading up any credit at all. Just ring your phone, locate it, and you are done.


Click the “Make a call” option at the bottom right and enter the desired number. Click Call to ring your phone.

4/ Search “Ring my phone for free” on Google (Free)

This solution is pretty obvious, and you must have done it already, however, be wary because most of the services that offer to ring your phone for free have shady privacy policies. Some of these services sell your phone numbers to marketing agencies and spammers for a quick buck. We recommend sticking to reliable services like Skype, Nonoh, etc. If you have to use another service, then make sure to read their privacy policy before giving out your number. If they don’t have any privacy policy, then it’s better to steer clear of such sites, or face a possible assault on your phone number by robocalls.

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