After Facebook acquired Instagram, it pushed several updates to the app revealing new UI (user interface) tweaks and some new features as well. One of the most loved additions in 2013 was the ability to share a 15-second video. Now, in contrast, it gives you the privilege of recording a 60-seconds video.

Surprisingly, video sharing activity on Instagram surpassed the statistical figures compared to the activity on the video entertainment app Vine. So, obviously, there is a lot of demand to download Instagram videos nowadays.

Some with the purpose to keep their favorite celebrity’s moments on their device for offline use. Some to backup their own Instagram videos, and a couple others just to download what they like. In this article, we would discuss 5 of the methods by which you can download Instagram videos.

Method #1: Using InstaDownloader Android App

instadownloader app for Android

It is definitely convenient to use an app to save Instagram videos than heading to a web solution for it. InstaDownloader is one such amazing app which lets you download Instagram videos with ease.

InstaDownloader is a quite popular app. It also lets you download videos from Vine. We have not tried doing that but you can let us know if it works.

In order to download Instagram videos using this app, you just need to have the URL to the desired video. After you have copied the URL, you just need to paste it in the field and it would automatically start downloading the video file.

Method #2: Using the URL Trick

It is a quite simple yet effective method. You do not need to search for available online download solutions to get started. You just need to copy the URL and add a prefix “qq” to the domain name.

Instagram video download

For instance, the original video URL is – You just need to add “qq” to the domain name which would look like:

Now, you will be redirected to the Savedeo’s web page to start downloading the content as shown in the image above.

Method #3: Using InstaSaver Android App

instagram video download app

InstaSaver app for Android is yet another convenient solution to download Instagram videos. It is just like the InstaDownloader but with some useful added functionalities.

InstaSaver lets you save the image and copy the text (description / hashtags) as well. So, you will just have to copy the URL and paste it. And, then you will have to click on “Save Video” to start downloading it.

In addition, to make things easily accessible, it shows up in the notification bar so that you can reach out to the app with the Instagram video link quickly.

Method #4: Using W3Toys Website


W3Toys is a web service which allows you to download Instagram videos. You just need to head on to its official site to get started/

Now, you simply need to copy and paste the Instagram video URL to start downloading the video content you require.

Method #5: Using DreDown Web Downloader

DreDown is yet another popular web downloader for Instagram. First, you just need to head to DreDown’s Instagram video download page.


After you have successfully loaded the web page, you need to copy and paste the Instagram video URL to the required field as shown in the image above to get started with the download.

You just need to click on “DreDown!” button after pasting the video URL. Now, you will need to click on the desired video quality to start downloading it as shown in the image below.


Wrapping Up

Finally, you now know 5 of the best methods using which you can download your favorite Instagram videos. If you are a user who likes to achieve almost everything with your Android device, you can opt for either of the two Instagram video downloaders. And, if you do not want to install extra applications, you always have several web downloaders which you can make use of.

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