My first encounter with a digital word processor was via Microsoft Word 95. Microsoft’s Office Suite has made a name for itself when it comes to offline document processor. Things have changed lately and Google has challenged the incumbency with Google Docs.

The latter is doing a great job in offering class-leading features without the bulk of subscription charges or the need to install the software.

The biggest advantage Google Docs has is the integration with other Google products. You can not only create a document but also save it on the cloud, share it with others, collaborate in real time and so much more. In this article, we will help set up Google Docs and make use of all the features.

How to set up  and launch Google Docs

Setting up Google Docs is easy. No need to install any program. All you need to do is log in to your Gmail account. Now automatically you will have access to Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube. If you are new to the Google ecosystem, head over to this link and create your free Google account. Fill in all the details and make sure you choose a professional username.

Google Docs can be accessed via Google Drive, Gmail integration, or you can also install an offline app for the same. You can simply navigate to My Drive menu and click on New.

With this, you will directly be taken to the Google Docs. The easiest way of creating Google Docs is to type into your browser and voila!

You can create a document from Drive by Selecting Google Docs and clicking on New. In the next step, you can choose between an array of templates or choose to go with a fresh blank page. That apart you can also upload an existing .docx document and edit the same on Google Doc.

How to insert images and files on Google Docs

Now that you know how to create a doc, let us learn how to insert images into your docs.

Needless to say, images form an important part of creating documents or infographics. Thankfully, inserting and managing images on Google Docs is an easy affair.

Click Insert>Image and select the source of the image. Docs allow you to upload pictures from the cloud, local storage or even a URL. You can also doodle/draw on the document by clicking on Insert>Drawing>New.

Table and Charts can be accessed by clicking on Insert and selecting Table/Chart. The simplest way though is to drag and drop the images/media.

How to share files on Google Docs

Sharing and giving access to Docs is one of the most important features offered by Google. As a user, you will not only be able to share the documents but also control who can edit the document.

This is very useful in the work environment. What’s more, all the revisions made in the document are recorded and displayed alongside the author name.

In order to share your current document, click on the Share icon to the top right. Now you can add people to share the documents. This can be done by adding their username/email address.

Docs also let you restrict access by choosing between can edit, can comment and can view. Lastly, you can also add a note if deemed necessary. In this article, we have explained how you can unshare multiple Google Doc.

How to download a document from Google Doc?

Google Docs allows you to download the document in multiple formats. The downloaded version can be shared offline and also used in ebook readers like Kindle. In order to convert the Google Docs head over to File>Download as. Now you can choose between different file types like Microsoft Word, OpenDocument Format, Rich Text Format, EPUB and Web Page.

Chat on Google Docs and use Revision History

Google Docs goes beyond a traditional word processor. It comes with superlative collaboration options. We have already seen how you can share the document with select people. Now we will tell you how you can collaborate in real time and chat with the other members of your team.

You can add comments by clicking on the Comments button in the upper-right corner. Google Docs display the avatar of users who are online. You can click on their profile and begin chatting within the Google Docs app.

Another useful feature is the revision history. If you want to undo and revert back to a previous version this tool comes in handy. Click File>Version history and now you can see all the edits made to the document. You can restore to an earlier version by clicking on the Restore this version.

Is Google Docs safe?

Security is obviously one of the main concerns. We create an array of sensitive documents on Google Docs and trust Google. Fret not, third-party apps offer an option to encrypt your file and this way only you and the other party will have access to it.

The encrypted file can be accessed with a password. That apart, Cloud storage is generally safer than local storage. If you are still apprehensive about the safety you can add an extra layer of security with Digify.

Still not convinced? Feel free to check out Google’s Privacy Policy. The document also talks about the type of information Google collects.

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