Learning to read partitions is a basic skill that is key to anyone who wants to seriously get into music composition and interpretation. There are somewhat tedious “old school” ways to do it on paper, but now there are also apps that will help you hone this skill efficiently.

In this article, we will take a look at best of the apps to learn how to read music on Android.

#1. Music Tutor (Sight Reading)


It is one of the best apps available on the Play Store to help learn how to read music on Android. It also gives you a shorter version of reference inside the app to read more about “Bass” / “Treble”, regarding the notations used.

It is an interactive take to help learn reading music on Android. Music Tutor proves to be more effective by displaying the notations. The app also lets you tweak the difficulty level considering your musical knowledge prior to using the app.

#2. NoteTeacher


Similar to what “Music Tutor” app offers, but without in-app advertisements. NoteTeacher not just lets you learn how to read music on Android but also provides you a guitar tuner.

You can either learn to read music, and try playing the game to play the right tune according to the displayed notation, or you can have fun with the guitar tuner and learn using it virtually.

#3. Music Reading Trainer


The best way to learn how to read music is to try it live. Do you happen to think in the same way? If that is the case, Music Reading Trainer would be very much useful to you.

The app tests you by displaying the notation for an appropriate tune, and you will have to play the one that is right. It would act like an interesting game for a novice. As you play along, you will eventually learn to read the musical notes and do it right. It lets you one of the available clef (Treble, Bass & Grand Staff).

However, in order to get access to the series of 8 notes (octave viewer), you would need to upgrade it to the premium version. It would cost around a dollar (USD) to get rid of the advertisement, access piano octave viewer and the privilege to access future premium features.

#4. MuseScore


It is one of the simplest but a nice one to have installed on your device. MuseScore does not directly help you learn how to read music, but it is more like a practice along with learning to read music eventually.

Unfortunately, the app does not let you add music scores but it does offer a free music notation and composition software for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS X & Linux). After going through a lot of music score on the app, you would get a hang to it and would be able to identify the musical notations.

#5. Read Music


This app comes as a bigger package to have installed on your device. However, it does justify in terms of a number of features offered. It is one of the interesting solutions to help learn how to read music on Android.

Here, you can start identifying notes and get better in reading music on Android. It offers a variety of note identification tasks. However, as being the free version, it contains in-app advertisements. You can alternatively purchase the ad-free version for less than 2 USD.

Also, it gives you the option for additional exercises to enhance your music reading skills. You can get to learn how to read musical notes for guitar and keyboards as well. If you are confident enough that you can identify the musical notes, you can take lessons and quizzes offered in the app to sharpen your skills.

#6. Music Theory Helper


It is not a game, but it is still very useful. You can use this app as a handbook to learn how to read music on Android.

You can get almost anything through this app. Music Theory Helper lets you know about the Octaves, Symbols, Scales and precise Note values. You can choose the octave notation system as well (American or European). If you are looking for British note values, you can enable accessing them from the app settings.

#7. Learning Notes


It is a good looking app that helps you learn how to read music. You can access treble and bass for free.

Most of the features offered can be unlocked in the pro version. You can upgrade it at around 3.5 USD. It is definitely worth upgrading when you look at the pro features that you can avail later. It offers a lot of interesting features, that include – key signatures, integrated modules and more.


There are several other apps to help us learn how to read music on Android. However, we have put only the best apps available for you!

Can you tell us about other apps which would help learn how to read music on Android? Have you used one of the above-mentioned apps?

Do share your thoughts in the user comments section below.

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