A majority of services these days require you to submit a copy of passport photograph. The photograph is used as a mode of identity. Passport photos are required by many agencies including immigration, DIY, and AAA. That being said the U.S Department of state has enforced certain requirements for the passport.

In this article, we will walk you through several ways in which you can get a passport sized photo taken in the US. The options to get a Passport Size photo vary and we suggest you pick one that suits the best. Before we begin let us take a look at all the prerequisites set by the U.S Department of State,

  1. The photo must be in color
  2. Background should be white
  3. Head should be upright and face the camera
  4. Eyes should be open and directed towards the camera
  5. Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  6. Expression should be neutral
  7. Hats or head coverings not allowed (exemption for religious reasons)
  8. No accessories or other objects

Majority of the service providers are trained to follow the guidelines for Passport Photo. However, I would suggest you check the photo before submission, if it fails to meet the guidelines, the State Department will reject.


How to take a passport photo on iOS?

Passport Photo Booth is my personal favorite. This iOS app helps you create the perfect shot and the post-processing options are pretty decent. Once you are done with the editing you can order the print.

The Passport Photo Booth offers two photos for $6. The only downside though is that you have to wait for the photos to arrive on mail.

The Passport Photo Booth also offers an email option. If you don’t want to wait for the prints you can simply download the copy from the email and get it printed at a neighborhood store. Download Passport Photo Booth for iOS.

How to take a passport photo on Android?

Passport Photo Creator is the best bet for Android users. The app is specifically designed for U.S citizens who want to travel outside the country.

According to developers, the app follows guidelines strictly and this should ensure that your photos never get rejected.

On the flipside, the Passport Photo Creator doesn’t allow you to save or email the photos. This leaves us with only one option, to pay $14.99 for two prints that will be printed by Walgreens, its approved vendor.

This option is pricey but the quality of photos justify the price. Download Passport Photo Creator for Android

Go to Local Post Office

When was the last time you walked into a post office! Not many people know this, but the United States Postal Service accepts passport renewals. Few post office locations also offer photo services (for a fee.) That being said the renewal process is not exactly fast and if time is a concern it is better to choose other services. The long line at the post office may add up to your woes.

Visit your nearest drugstore

Major drugstore chains like Walgreens and Rite aid offer passport photo service. The best part is that they have branches located all over the country and you can simply visit the nearest one. The drugstores also offer an array of add-n services, for instance, you can choose a same-day-pickup or instant photo if you are in a rush.

Free Passport Photos at AAA

If you are an AAA member make sure to take advantage of their free Passport Photo program. Premier-level members are entitled to four sets of passport photos per household. Meanwhile, basic-level members can pay $8 for a set while nonmembers need to shell out $12.

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