Windows 10 is rapidly expanding into the PC eco-system, and there are a number of changes in the user interface, including how to uninstall apps/programs. This can be a bit confusing, especially if you are a Windows 7 user upgrading to Windows 10. Hopefully, we’ll save you a few minutes today. 

You can uninstall programs in Windows using different methods, and in this tutorial we are going to list down all of them.

Uninstall Windows 10 Programs from the Start Menu

The easiest way to uninstall a program is from the start menu. Press Windows key or click on the Start menu button on the bottom left corner of the screen. In the start menu, right click on the program you would like to uninstall. Not all programs can be uninstalled (some system apps and pre-loaded software, typically), so if the program could be installed, only then you will see the option of “Uninstall” in the context menu.

uninstall-windows-10-programs (1)

Click on “Uninstall” and a prompt will show up saying that the program and all its data will be deleted. Just click on “Uninstall” here to uninstall the program, otherwise, click anywhere on the screen to dismiss the uninstallation. 

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You will not be able to see all the programs in the Start menu, so it is not necessary that you will find the program you want to uninstall. But you can view all the apps right from Start menu, just click on “All apps” at the end and all programs will be displayed. Now, just find and uninstall the program using the method mentioned above.

uninstall-windows-10-programs (3)uninstall-windows-10-programs (4)

Uninstall windows 10 Programs from the Apps & Features Option

It is easier to uninstall programs from the start menu, but you won’t get much details about the programs using this method. You can always go to Apps & Features option to check how much space a program is taking or when it was installed.

Open Start menu and from there, click on “Settings”.

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A new window will open up, here you will find all the settings of your Windows. Click on “System” and in there, click on “Apps & Features”. The PC will start collecting data on all the apps and it may take few seconds to display all the apps.

uninstall-windows-10-programs (6)uninstall-windows-10-programs (7)

You will see all programs along with developer name, date of installation and total size. You can look for any program just by typing its name in the search bar or add filters to make it easier to find specific types of apps.

uninstall-windows-10-programs (8)

To uninstall a program, left-click on it and you will see a “Uninstall” option, click on it. A confirmation dialog will show up saying the app and its data will be deleted, click on “Uninstall” in the prompt to uninstall the app. If you change your decision, you can just click anywhere on the screen and the confirmation message will dismiss.

uninstall-windows-10-programs (9)uninstall-windows-10-programs (10)

Below is a video demonstration of the above methods:

If you have any questions or know any other method to uninstall a program on Windows 10, let us know in the comments below.

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