Starting back in 2011, Samsung decided it would enter the tablet market with its Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was a great Android tablet at the time. Then, Samsung upped its tablet game by coming out with the Galaxy Tab 2, which was slightly thicker, although it also was lighter than its predecessor and offered improved internal specs. Now, Samsung is introducing the next step in its popular tablet series, the Galaxy Tab 3, which are available in three separate sizes: 10.1”, 8” and 7”.

Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartphones, such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, have all sold exceptionally well, with its Galaxy Tab tablets also doing well for the company, although there’s some serious competition in the Android tablet space. Can Samsung deliver an Android tablet that will give its owner the kind of experience that will have you running to your local consumer electronics retailer to pick up a Galaxy Tab 3? There’s only one way to find out, so let’s get on with our review.


We all use our tablets for different reasons, but for the most part, I think it’s safe to assume a good majority of us use it to watch streaming videos, correspond through email or instant messengers, and maybe read an article or two. In my opinion, the purpose of a tablet is to give the user a lite computer experience as you can perform many tasks you’d be able to with a laptop, but in a much smaller and more portable way.

One of the most important aspects of a tablet is its battery power, which, to be honest, is also true for the majority of portable electronics. Having a portable device that has terrible battery life can certainly be considered a deal breaker in some cases. Its portability and raw power are also important, especially if you tend to play games that can only run on more powerful devices or even want a multitasking experience that doesn’t result in your tablet crawling to complete your requests.

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