With the pandemic forcing unprecedented disruption to companies’ operations worldwide, the number of remote workers could increase to 25-30% of the workforce, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Social distancing and trends in remote work environments are requiring businesses to find new ways to work, share knowledge, and grow.

Since businesses thrive on communication, this statistic presents a new obstacle for vital management functions in any size business. With so many teams moving further apart, traditional collaboration tools have quickly become inadequate.

The Need for a Next-Gen Communication Framework

As businesses around the globe scramble to patch the holes created by new demands and outdated systems, new offerings are hitting the market to help address the need for larger workplace networks. One system growing in popularity is @Work from eUnite.

Created to provide a professional, mobile workplace platform that is both intuitive and secure, @Work combines communication, learning, and engagement into one user-friendly interface. The benefits of a unified collaboration and learning platform will quickly be realized with the current pace of changes.

A single framework to streamline communication and growth across businesses has become more valuable in a post-COVID economy. Employers can manage custom learning roadmaps, secure chat and announcements, a collaborative feed, employee surveys, audio/video conferencing, and more. eUnite @Work provides the framework for 21st-century connectivity in the workplace, no matter where your workers are located.

@Work Features: How to Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Post-COVID shifts in policy make flexible learning initiatives essential to any business’s long-term success. Besides streamlining all of the functions below, a good work platform can also help your business control costs, maintain high standards of work, and grow efficiently and securely.

  • Learning Roadmaps – customizable for individuals, groups, or roles
  • Progress Tracking – various views to track progress of individuals and team leaders
  • Mobile Learning Experience – available on iOS and Android for a seamless experience from one device to the next
  • Pretests, Assignments, and Posttests – quickly recognize which courses are working and which need improvement
  • Admin Dashboards – gain perspective for all levels of your organization
  • End-to-end encrypted Chat, Announcements, and company Feed – keep company info secure
  • Voice and Video Calls – connect with co-workers without using your personal number
  • Meet – 1-on-1 or in a group
  • Live – host live learning sessions that can easily be converted into courses for future use

How @Work Controls Costs

Inadequate communication frameworks cost companies millions, which is why researchers at Rider University called communication “the new currency.” They estimated that companies with only 100 employees lose $420,000 per year due to poor communication, a number that increases exponentially with the size of the company. That number is merely the first cost that @Work can help a business recoup.

With a unified, private and secure business platform, @Work gives employees, coordinators, and any other associates the framework to connect and stay informed efficiently. It provides an ideal solution to many issues that slow companies down and cost a fortune in the long run, including inefficient onboarding, imprecise employee assessment, missed notifications and changes, and slow inquiries. @Work controls costs by creating an efficient, holistic communication network.

Maintain High Standards of Work with @Work Management Features

Pretest and posttest features allow managers to assess employee knowledge and use the test analytics to improve their onboarding and employee growth processes. @Work allows businesses to create assignments that can be managed from a dashboard. Using this system, HR can analyze development across departments. This improves their ability to maintain high standards within those departments.

Information exchange is another key component to successful management that @Work can expedite. Announcements go right to workers’ mobile devices no matter where you send them from. Live chat and video conference calls give managers access to their teams, whether one-on-one or in group calls. @Work also features a digital feed where you can share information with team members, depending on their role.

The ability to meticulously control the information received by team members as well as their access to announcements, updates, assignments, and other time-sensitive processes allows managers to directly improve communication among and with their team. @Work keeps media and files in sync across multiple devices, allowing employees to use the feeds and chat rooms to collaborate efficiently.

Keeping Businesses Secure with Encrypted Communication

If communication is the new currency, communication security is just as significant an investment as financial security. On @Work, all messages – including feeds, chats, announcements, and direct messages – are readable only by recipients and protected by end-to-end encryption. Files transferred out of the system feature business-to-business encryption. Data remains secure accessible only to authorized users.

Businesses in the 21st century require secure communication to protect their most valuable currency. With post-COVID employees working from home and at long distances more than ever before, security features define the value of business communication networks. @Work offers end-to-end encryption both within a business’s network and between businesses so that projects, work, schedules, and other sensitive communication can never be hacked or intercepted.

Solving the Problems of Current LMSs

Other current learning management systems (LMSs) fail to focus on a business’s internal communication structure. They leave out vital functionality and navigation that helps employees seamlessly jump from their assessments to their chats, feeds, and elsewhere. Simple menus and efficient interfaces define eUnite’s system to promote engaging course training tools and communication hubs.

Another major blind spot for current LMSs is mobile functionality. Managers who have dealt with inadequate management systems quickly learned the difference between a “mobile layout” and an app built on dedicated mobile design. @Work was designed knowing how much business communications occurs on mobile devices in the modern-day and offers dedicated interfaces that will not impede an employee’s work, conferences, or sharing.

The Takeaway for Post-COVID Businesses

eUnite @Work offers communication, organization, and management features that will help define a business’s success in the coming years. As employees move in droves to new working conditions, long-distance collaboration and consistent communication between leaders and team members has become a challenge. @Work offers an efficient, technological solution that will help businesses grow in virtually any conditions the future may bring.

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