One of the goals of every video creator is to have smooth transitions between different clips, but oftentimes when the coloration of the footage between two different clips doesn’t match, it can be very jarring to the viewer. Content creators and video editors will agree that this can be a frustrating experience.

With the advanced color-matching feature on the all new Wondershare Filmora X video editor, users can now perform this task easily.

When it comes to putting together an edited video featuring a variety of different clips shot at different times and/or different locations — or even shot using different cameras with different color settings — you want to ensure that the coloration of the footage you are stitching together actually matches. Color matching is used to create a consistent look and feel across separate pieces of video footage. With the new color matching tool on Filmora X, video editors can easily make them look uniform.

In using the Filmora X video editor, the timeline along the bottom left of the screen in the image below includes different shots filmed from different cameras, so the color difference in the clips is easy to recognize.

If you want the clips you are selecting to look consistent with similar coloration, start by using a clip that has a look and feel that you like. The clip you’re selecting will now be the look that you want the other clips to match in terms of coloration (call it the “Reference Clip”).

Once you have your reference clip chosen, you can now select all the other clips you want to color change — just right-click on those and select color match.

Or you can access the color match feature through the advance color tuning tool at the top of the screen. Just click on that and select colour match. The settings will be available in the top-left panel.

Next, you will click on comparison view and two windows will open in the viewer on the right side of the screen.

On the left side of the screen you will see a reference window, and, on the right side there will be a current window.

You can now go through the reference window timeline to find the best frame from the reference clip you had selected earlier. Once you have found it, simply click on match. After color matching, the other clip in the current will look very similar to your reference clip.

You can also dial back the amount of coloration you want added in to the matched clip, so there is virtually none, or you can temper it in to get a little bit of that look and feel. Once you have it where you like it, just click OK, and now your footage has been color matched to approximate the look of the other footage you have chosen.

Color matching using Filmora X a fully customizable feature that will allow you to easily color match two separate pieces of footage in just a few easy clicks!

What are some of the other new features in the Filmora X upgrade?

  • Motion Tracking: Intuitive tracking that’s perfect for beginners and intermediate editors. Tracking is easily accessible from the main interface of Filmora X.
  • Keyframing: Apply one-click pre-sets for an easier keyframe experience or just animate freely — the choice is yours. Editable pre-sets make this the easiest keyframing experience around.
  • Audio Ducking: Quickly fade your music so your dialogue stands out. It only takes one click to fade one audio track into another!

 With these new tools at your disposal and so much more, amazing videos are just a few clicks away. Download the Filmora X software now and you’ll soon be creating video projects with layers of clips, cool animations, and fun effects.

Available on Windows and Mac, Wondershare Filmora X is just US$69.99 for a perpetual license (there are annual subscriptions as well). Or, visit, download it and try it out for free.

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