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Vivitar unveils affordable 3D camera and video recorder
Interested in getting your hands on an affordable 3D camera to record the festive season? Well, look no further as Vivitar has unveiled the ViviCam VT135 and the 790HD. The former is a point-and-shoot camera while the latter is a video recorder that’s pictured above.

Panasonic Lumix 3D1 jumps aboard the 3D bandwagon
Want to be the next James Cameron and shoot your home video in stereoscopic 3D? You won’t really go wrong with Panasonic’s upcoming Lumix 3D1 – as this particular twin-lens digital camera will be able to do both traditional 2D and 3D images. The twin-lens design will feature 25mm ultra-wide angle lenses with 4x optical zoom, shooting 8-megapixel 3D photos as well as recording video memories in 1,920 x 1,080 […]

Microsoft patent uses 3D camera to determine user's age
A recently revealed patent by Microsoft has shown that the Redmond may have some interesting ideas involving a 3D camera that sees it merge with parental control. The patent suggests that Microsoft has plans for a 3D camera, similar to the one found in the Xbox Kinect, which can apparently detect the age of the person and determine whether they’re a child or adult.

Panasonic 3D camera lens developed
Panasonic has taken the path to roll out a two lens compact digital camera some time later this winter, where it is capable of shooting HD video as well as stereoscopic 3D photos on a single device. Granted, this is far from being the first camera that accomplishes such a thing, but at least a prototype of it is already available, where it was recently paraded over at IFA 2011 […]


Panasonic LUMIX twin-lens 3D digital camera to roll out in 2011
We do know that Panasonic is working on a new kind of LUMIX digital camera that is said to debut at IFA 2011, and the most recent press release touts a winter release date. Just what does this compact digital camera offer? For starters, it allows you to snap 3D photos as well as capture your favorite memories in stereoscopic 3D glory, in HD resolution to boot.Just how did this […]

DXG-018 3D pocket camera brings back fond memories of ViewMasters
Remember the ViewMaster toy that you had back when you were a kid? Well, DXG might just usher back the good ol’ times for nostalgia’s sake with the DXG-018 3D pocket camera, where it will allow you to create your very own 3D content (to keep up with the times, of course, since 3D is where the action’s at ever since Avatar hit the big screen). Retailing for a highly […]

Sony Bloggie Duo - HD camcorder with 2 LCD Screens
[CES 2011] Sony launched three new Bloggie pocket-size HD camcorders with built-in USB arm for easy sharing on social networking sites, the Bloggie Duo (MHS-FS2) is the mid range model featuring full HD video capture and two LCD screens – 2.7-inch on the back and 2.0-inch on the front under the lens – this is the ultimate solution for broadcasting yourself on the internet!The Bloggie Duo MHS-FS2will be available in […]

Sony Cyber-shot TX100V - 3D photo and OLED Touchscreen
[CES 2011] Sony is on a special mission to convert the masses to 3D, and to accomplish the task, what could be better than offering consumers the technology to produce their own 3D content? The TX100V is the top of the line of the new Cyber-shot cameras delivering 3D still image capture with only one lens and imager.  Additionally, it is the first Cyber-shot with a 3.5-inch (8.8 cm) OLED […]

Rollei Power Flex 3D digital camera
Stereoscopic 3D has clearly taken off commercially in a big way this year, what with CES 2010 kicking things off with all the major consumer electronics manufacturers rolling out 3D HDTVs of their own to wow the masses. Of course, the massive success of Avatar at the box office also helped tremendously, and at the close of the year, Rollei jumps aboard the bandwagon with their Power Flex 3D digital […]

360-degree 3D Camera Sees The World Like A Fly Does
We’re fairly familiar with surround sound, but this camera created by the smart folks over in Switzerland offers surround vision of sorts. The device features 100 small cameras around the sphere and allows you to see in 360-degrees in 3D. The camera was apparently modeled after a fly’s eye, which is known for being able to see in all directions. It wasn’t immediately confirmed what the camera will be used […]

Nintendo 3DS To Have Large Upper 3D Display And 3D Camera?
Official details on the upcoming 3D-capable Nintendo 3DS haven’t been unveiled just yet, but word is that the portable console will sport two different screen designs, a tilt sensor, and will be quite powerful. From the latest leak, it seems that the 3DS could offer users a larger 3D display on the top half of this clamshell console, while the bottom screen will sport similar specifications of the original DS’ […]

Rumor: Nintendo 3DS To Sport A 3D Camera?
This is still very much a rumor at this point in time, but with Sharp announcing its latest 3D camera technology for mobile phones, speculation is mounting that Nintendo’s 3D gaming console – the 3DS, might also sport such a 3D camera module. The module is able to capture 720p video in 3D, so it shouldn’t be too far into the future before we see mobile phones that offer cameras […]

James Cameron working on 3D camera for Mars rover
James Cameron is no stranger to cutting edge movie making technology, has been roped in to assist NASA in developing a high-resolution 3D camera that will see action in the next Mars rover known as Curiosity that will roll out sometime next year. It seems that this director extraordinare believes the public will be better able to understand the mission if the rover came with 3D imaging capabilities. It would […]