Microsoft logoA recently revealed patent by Microsoft has shown that the Redmond may have some interesting ideas involving a 3D camera that sees it merge with parental control. The patent suggests that Microsoft has plans for a 3D camera, similar to the one found in the Xbox Kinect, which can apparently detect the age of the person and determine whether they’re a child or adult.

This could be used in conjunction with television shows, movies and computer games. The 3D camera could scan the user and if they’re below the detected age of 18, maybe certain shows/movies or games will not be made available to them. Or it could even help parents switch channels automatically when their child walks into the living room while they’re watching a violent action movie.

As with most patents, it’s hard to tell whether Microsoft has plans to turn this into a reality, but given that they have the Kinect at the moment, we don’t see why they couldn’t implement something similar to their Kinect system.

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