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Publishers Not That Interested In Nintendo's Platforms, According To Developer
So we know that the Nintendo Wii U isn’t exactly the platform of choice for developers to create games on, as we have seen in the case with Bethesda, Crytek, and recently Capcom. We can’t be sure if it’s sluggish sales that puts developers off, or if it’s due to lack of developer interest that resulted in sluggish sales. In any case it seems that Nintendo’s woes are further confirmed […]

Nintendo 3DS Premium StreetPass Games Makes $4 Million In A Month
It was nearly one month ago when Nintendo rolled out a major update to its StreetPass Plaza software, which is automatically included in every Nintendo 3DS sold. The improvement would allow those who use StreetPass to play more than just the two games that come with the software as four new games were launched as well as additional Mii accessories, hats and an additional Puzzle Swap picture. Considering the new […]

Nintendo Blames 2011 Tohoku Earthquake For Sluggish 3DS And Wii U Sales
While Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console is certainly doing pretty well for itself now, it did not get off to a good start and saw its price reduced to help boost its sales, and the Wii U isn’t exactly a hot seller at the moment either, but what could be the cause of Nintendo’s troubles? Could it be bad hardware? Lack of games? Lack of appeal to the more hardcore gamer? […]

New Super Smash Bros. Will Not Have Story-Related Cutscenes
The Super Smash Bros. franchise is definitely a great game to play at parties or gathering with friends, and we’re sure for the most part many of you guys probably skip the cutscenes and jump right into battle, but for those who actually enjoy the story-related cutscenes which have appeared in other Super Smash Bros. titles, unfortunately for you guys those types of cutscenes will not be making its way […]


Nintendo Showcasing Wii U, 3DS Games At San Diego Comic-Con
San Diego Comic-Con is going on this weekend in none other than San Diego, California, which will soon be turned into a haven for all comic book, film, video game and every other kind of nerd to come together and bask in the glory of there nerdom. This weekend will also be a great way for your Nintendo fans to get your hands on some of their upcoming games that […]

Super Smash Bros. Adds Pikmin And Captain Olimar To Its Roster
Nintendo unveiled Pikmin and Captain Olimar will return to the latest version of Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Remains Firm On Wii U And 3DS Region Locks
Nintendo stubbornly wants to maintain their region locking policy for the 3DS and Wii U.

Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Fans Fight For Region-Free Consoles
As some gamers are probably well-aware, Sony’s upcoming PS4 console will not be region-locked along with Microsoft’s Xbox One, meaning that games that are released in other regions can simply be imported if the gamer does not wish for a local release. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Nintendo’s 3DS or Wii U console, both of which are region-locked. Hoping to get the same attention that Sony fans created […]

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Gets New E3 Gameplay Trailer
Nintendo has announced its 3DS Zelda game will be called The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, 3DS First Gameplay Trailer Debuts At E3
Nintendo unveiled the first trailer for Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U.

Nintendo's Fils-Aime Explains Why They Won't Be Holding An E3 Press Conference
Nintendo's President of America shares why the company decided against holding a press conference at E3.

Super Smash Bros. Confirmed To Debut During E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation
Super Smash Bros. creator confirms the game will make its debut at this year's E3.

Nintendo Discussing Wii U, 3DS Summer Games In New Nintendo Direct On May 17
Nintendo may not be holding a global media event during this year’s E3, but considering how much information they’ve been sharing over the past couple of months in regards to upcoming software and hardware information in their Nintendo Direct videos, we certainly can see why they’d forgo a big production when they can reach their fans directly through these videos. With E3 just under a month away, Nintendo has announced they’ll […]

Capcom Creates Mega Man Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL Case
Nintendo announced it will be making two very cool looking Nintendo 3DS XLs available in June and July, but not to be outdone, Capcom has announced it won’t be offering its own unique Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL, but instead, will be producing a case to celebrate the anniversary of one of its most iconic characters.The case Capcom will be producing is Mega Man-themed and will be available for both the […]