A new Mario & Luigi RPG game is headed to the Nintendo 3DS this year, which if you’ve ever experienced any of these games that were released on various Nintendo systems, you’ll know it has been a favorite series for both Nintendo and RPG fans alike. Mario & Luigi Dream Team is the name of the game and Nintendo announced this morning the game will be made available on the Nintendo 3DS on August 11.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata not only announced the game’s release date, but he also gave some information on the game’s story. Mario & Luigi Dream Team takes place on Pillow Island as Mario and friends are visiting for a tour. As you would expect, Princess Peach gets kidnapped once again and is taken into a dream world. The only way Mario and Luigi can help her is by entering the dream world which can only be accessed when Luigi sleeps on a magical pillow. When Luigi is asleep, you’ll be able to manipulate the game world by manipulating Luigi’s face in the lower portion of the 3DS.

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