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Google user's account deleted: 7 years of digital life gone
As wonderful as cloud services might be, we’re always constantly reminded to not use them as our main backup and for a very good reason, as a man named Dylan M. had to find out the hard way. He recently discovered that his Google account was disabled due to alleged violation of some Google Terms of Service when he claimed that he had done nothing wrong with his Google account.

Mozilla BrowserID: so you don't have to remember countless passwords
There are so many web services available right now, with each one requiring a separate login to use. And while we know it’s not wise to use the same password for all your different accounts – it’s just so difficult to keep track of all your different passwords, especially when writing them onto a piece of paper and sticking it onto your monitor isn’t a good idea.

Google now supports up to ten accounts for multiple sign-in
While most of us are content with having only one Google account, there are people out there with multiple Google accounts – each one for a different purpose (to fake bid in auctions or score points for fake referrals?). Previously, users could only sign in to one Google account at a time – using another account on the same computer meant the user would have to log out and log […]

iOS 4.3 in-app purchases now password protected
Great news for parents who had to face insane credit card bills due to their kids making in-app purchases with their iPads and iPhones. The iOS 4.3 update brings password protection to in-app purchases, so you no longer have to worry about your kids being reckless with their purchases on your iPhone. Whenever you try to purchase something in-app, iOS 4.3 will require you to enter your iTunes account password. […]


Google steps up security with 2-step verification
In today’s age where everybody is connected to the internet and storing important information online, security has become a major concern for online services everywhere. Google recognizes this issue and has decided to improve their security for their online services and has introduced a new feature called 2-step verification. While 2-step verification isn’t something new (it’s been around for awhile now), it is a pretty useful way to increase the […]

Hotmail to offer disposable email addresses
Microsoft has just announced that they will be offering temporary email addresses to their Hotmail users. Targeted at subscribers who need an email address just to sign up for a forum or some online service temporarily, this service will allow them to create a sub-address with their existing account. Users will be able to create up to 5 new email addresses per year. Any messages sent to these temporary addresses […]

Apple opens AppStore Twitter account
We all know that Apple recently hit the 10 billion app download mark, and now they’ve set up a Twitter account for the App Store. It is uncertain if the two events are related, but we do know that the App Store Twitter account will be offering app recommendations, and exclusive offers to anyone following the account. After going so long without a presence, what made them decide today was […]

Google Courts Yahoo Users With One-click Account Creation
The folks over at Yahoo won’t be too happy to hear about this, but Google is looking to poach some Yahoo users with its new OpenID feature that makes signing up for a Google account a one-click process for anyone with a Yahoo account. It allows users to grant Google access to the user’s Yahoo email address and authenticates the user’s identity, allowing the user access to Google’s web-based applications […]