MSN HotmailMicrosoft has just announced that they will be offering temporary email addresses to their Hotmail users. Targeted at subscribers who need an email address just to sign up for a forum or some online service temporarily, this service will allow them to create a sub-address with their existing account. Users will be able to create up to 5 new email addresses per year. Any messages sent to these temporary addresses will be forwarded to the user’s main account. While this service has been offered by other sites for quite some time now (i.e. Mailinator), it’s good to see Microsoft continually upgrading their web email service. Previously, users set up a few different accounts for receiving different types of messages, now it looks like they won’t have to anymore if they’re on hotmail. After it, it sure beats having to remember 3 different passwords for 3 different email accounts (unless of course they are the same). How many of you would benefit from such a service?

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