Google sign-inWhile most of us are content with having only one Google account, there are people out there with multiple Google accounts – each one for a different purpose (to fake bid in auctions or score points for fake referrals?). Previously, users could only sign in to one Google account at a time – using another account on the same computer meant the user would have to log out and log back in.

Google then updated its services to allow up to three accounts being logged in at the same computer at once. Apparently even this isn’t enough, and as of today, you can now log in with up to ten different Google accounts on the same computer. Now why anyone would end up using all ten sign-ins at once remains a mystery to me, but in the event you ever end up with having ten Google accounts you know it’s not going to be a problem signing-in in the future. How many of you out there have ten different Google accounts?

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