Viewsonic running Eden

For those of you who are keen on trying out the modified version of Android (Eden) used in Notion Ink’s Adam tablet – good news, you can do it without having to purchase the tablet itself. The folks over at XDA-developers have managed to port the operating system out of the Notion Ink and onto a Viewsonic G-Tablet. While you won’t have the pixel Qi screen or the fancy swivel camera, it is as good as having an Adam tablet of your own to use. It is currently at an early stage so not everything is working yet, but give those guys a few weeks and I’m pretty sure it’ll be fully-functional in no time. Early reports show the device working pretty well, so things are looking good. Head over to the XDA-developers forum if you’d like to give it a shot. As usual, backup all your data before attempting anything and make sure you know what you’re doing. Let us know how it works out for you.

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