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Apple Issues Recall For Some AC Power Adapters
Apple today announced that it’s issuing a voluntary recall for several types of AC power adapters that were shipped with iPads and Macs outside the United States. The recall has been issued because of a risk associated with these AC adapters that might cause them to break and pose a potential electric shock risk. Its recall comes over a week after Microsoft also issued a recall for AC power cords […]

SkyLight turns your smartphone into a microscope display
Microscopes are useful tools when you need to examine something tiny, but using them can get pretty tiring with you to placing your face in an uncomfortable position to look down the scope. Well, we previously had solutions that output what you see onto a large display, but those are pretty costly to purchase. What if you could use your own smartphone to do the job instead? Well that’s where […]

Apple launches micro USB adapter for iOS devices
As most of you will know by now, gadgets in Europe all have a standard to comply with when it comes to chargers. It is mandatory for manufacturers to use Micro USB ports for their products unless they provide compatible adapters for their devices. Since Apple’s iOS devices all have the proprietary port, Apple had to provide an adapter for it, and it looks like they’ve finally done it. If […]

USB to HD Adapter from IOGEAR
IOGEAR has announced their new USB to HD Adapter (otherwise known as GUC2025H if model numbers are your thing), where it was specially designed to connect additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop over USB 2.0. Of course, we would have liked to see USB 3.0 thrown into the mix to keep up with the times, but since USB 2.0 is on just about every computer, it makes much […]


Universal Adapter might be the new wheel
We’re kidding – surely nothing can replace the wheel when it comes to being an important invention, and a Universal Adapter concept device like this certainly doesn’t come close. Still, it is worth noting that frequent travelers might just appreciate the Universal Adapter as it comprises of a charging hub with extensions that will play nice with majority of standard devices out there, kissing goodbye to heavy individual adapters in […]

Logitech to deliver audio to your speakers wirelessly
[CES 2011] In today’s world, wires aren’t the way to go anymore and everything is going towards the wireless direction. Logitech recognizes this and has plans to turn your favorite speakers into a wireless sound system. Logitech has just introduced the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Intel Wireless Display (WiDi)-enabled laptops. All you have to do is attach the adapter to your speakers you wish to use, launch the Intel […]

XIM3 adapter ushers in new era for Xbox 360 keyboard and mouse adapters
The XIM3 adapter won’t hold the distinction of being the first keyboard and mouse adapter for the Xbox 360 console, and it isn’t the first of its kind either from the company. Which is a good thing, really, since they can use their past experience to deliver something better. XIM Technologies’ latest device could very well be the best solution right now in the market that intends to deliver a […]

UNITEK USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter
Brando’s UNITEK USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter, also known by the model number Y-1034, is a computer peripheral worthy of your money, time and attention. Why do we say so? It breathes new life into your SATA/IDE hard drives, where it will connect those to your computer via a USB 3.0 port as long as your machine supports the latest high-speed standard. This enables your hard drive to transfer data […]

Apogee HDMI-to-Mini DisplayPort adapter
Apogee is working on its HDMI-to-Mini DisplayPort adapter that ought to see owners of the 27″ iMac and LED Cinema Display smile, especially when they now have the option to hook up their PS3, Xbox 360 or Blu-ray player to either device while saving money on purchasing yet another display. No idea on when this adapter will roll out and neither do we have a sticker price tag, but which […]

microSD To USB Adapter
As many formats there are in the market, so are the number of adapters. The latest among many would be the microSD-to-USB adapter which makes it a snap to transfer files to and fro between a USB flash drive and a cell phone, doing away with the need for the computer to function as a middleman. Needless to say, the microSD segment will hook up to a microSD memory card, […]