IOGEAR has announced their new USB to HD Adapter (otherwise known as GUC2025H if model numbers are your thing), where it was specially designed to connect additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop over USB 2.0. Of course, we would have liked to see USB 3.0 thrown into the mix to keep up with the times, but since USB 2.0 is on just about every computer, it makes much more economical sense to sell something that caters to the masses. Relying on the increased bandwidth of HDMI and DisplayLink technology, IOGEAR can now deliver audio and video support on a single peripheral, which is a huge leap forward compared to internal video cards or external adapters/cards (VGA/DVI) which are able to support video alone. Basically, with the USB to HD Adapter, those who use laptops can have up to three displays at their eyes’ disposal – the laptop screen itself, a secondary display through the integrated VGA port and a third from the USB port. This would help me increase my productivity for sure, as it supports a resolution range of 1600×1200 and 1920×1080 in 32-bit color – handy when one is filtering through thousands of news stories and press releases each day. At $99.95 a pop, this is worth checking out. [Press Release]

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