Apple Micro USB adapterAs most of you will know by now, gadgets in Europe all have a standard to comply with when it comes to chargers. It is mandatory for manufacturers to use Micro USB ports for their products unless they provide compatible adapters for their devices. Since Apple’s iOS devices all have the proprietary port, Apple had to provide an adapter for it, and it looks like they’ve finally done it. If you look on the UK Online Apple Store, the Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter is now available for purchase at £8.00 ($12) and will be shipping on October 14th.

I guess this will allow Apple’s iOS devices to continue functioning with all the third party accessories available for the device, and give consumers the option to charge their phones with somebody else’s charger even if they don’t own an iOS device. I wonder if the same charger standard will carry over to the US, would you be opposed to the idea?

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