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Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog Will Now Be Able To Greet Users At The Door
For anyone who owns a dog, you know that sometimes when you come home, you’ll find your dog waiting for you excitedly at the door. If you’d like to replicate that experience with your Sony Aibo robot dog, you’ll be pleased to learn that in an update to the robot, Sony has introduced a similar experience.

Sony’s Latest Aibo Dog Is Considerably Less Creepy
Sony’s Aibo robot dogs were designed to be “realistic”, but we have to admit that it can come off a bit creepy as smiling robots tend to be a bit disconcerting. However Sony’s latest Aibo, which was launched in the US last year, was a huge improvement over the first-generation model, but over in Japan Sony is trying their hand at making it more “realistic”.

New Sony Aibo Robot U.S. Pre-Orders Open
Sony recently brought back its Aibo robot dog after launching it first many years ago. The company has finally opened up pre-orders for the robot in the United States. Those who are interested in picking one up and have that kind of money to spend can now pre-order a First Litter Edition of Aibo in the United States. Sony expects to start shipping the robots by mid-December.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog U.S. Price Confirmed
Sony relaunched the Aibo brand in Japan last year with a new robot dog. The company has now confirmed that it’s bringing this robot to the United States. It has also confirmed how much this robot is going to cost in the country. The new Aibo is going to be available for purchase starting next month and will come bundled with three years of Sony’s AI Cloud service in addition […]


Aibo Robots In Japan Get Their Own ‘Funeral’
Sony’s Aibo robots are probably one of the more iconic robots around, especially since they were introduced back in the day when consumer robots weren’t as common or readily available. However just like with real dogs, Aibo dogs don’t “live” forever and over in Japan, it seems that Aibo robots that are “dead” are being given their own funerals.

Sony’s Aibo Is Back And Available For Pre-Order In Japan
When it comes to consumer robots, it’s hard not to think of Sony’s Aibo which was launched more than a decade ago. However recently we have been hearing reports that Sony could be relaunching the robot, and sure enough it looks like the reports were true as Sony has since relaunched the Aibo robotic dog.

Sony's New Aibo Robot Dog Might Be Launched Next Month
It was recently reported that Sony could be coming out with a new robot. The company is believed to be working on the spiritual successor to its popular lineup of Aibo robot dogs that the company released back in the late ’90s and the 2000s. According to a report published today, Sony’s new Aibo robot dog is likely going to be launched next month.

Sony's Next Robot Could Be A New Aibo
Sony’s Aibo robotic dogs had quite the fan following back in the day. While it has been years since the company came out with a successor, it has been hinting about returning to making robots for customers. If a new report is believed, the first robot in years from Sony might be one that’s similar to its Aibo robots from the past. Whether or not they will be launched under […]