Sony’s Aibo robotic dogs had quite the fan following back in the day. While it has been years since the company came out with a successor, it has been hinting about returning to making robots for customers. If a new report is believed, the first robot in years from Sony might be one that’s similar to its Aibo robots from the past. Whether or not they will be launched under the Aibo moniker remains to be seen.

Nikkei reports that Sony’s new robot is going to be an Aibo-like machine that will be made with the help of the ex-members of the Aibo team that are still working at Sony. The team members include AI expert Masahiro Fujita.

Details about Sony’s first new robot in years are predictably slim right now but it seems that the company might be taking on the smart hub market in a unique way. Think of it as the robotic version of Amazon Echo, in that the canine will be able to control your smart home devices and perform other tasks.

The report also mentions that Sony will open up the robot’s software which will enable third-party developers to create their own features for the device, much like Skills on Alexa.

Sony hasn’t said anything about when this robot will arrive and how much it’s going to cost. We’ll just have to wait and see when it spills the official details on this product if it’s ever meant to see the light of day.

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