Sony relaunched the Aibo brand in Japan last year with a new robot dog. The company has now confirmed that it’s bringing this robot to the United States. It has also confirmed how much this robot is going to cost in the country. The new Aibo is going to be available for purchase starting next month and will come bundled with three years of Sony’s AI Cloud service in addition to many toys.

Sony has confirmed that the Aibo robot dog’s price in the United States will be $2,899. The robot will chip with many toys which include paw pads, an Aibone, a pink ball in addition to a charging station. The Aibo will be able to send its daily activities to Sony’s services through the AI Cloud which will help the robot improve its personality over time.

That’s also what will let users control Aibo over Wi-Fi or LTE through AT&T. The robot itself has many sensors, actuators, and cameras to be very interactive. It can navigate to its charging pad using the rear camera. Facial recognition enables it to identify family members.

The Aibo can respond to voice commands and perform a variety of tricks through the companion app for smartphones. Sony has mentioned that this is a limited edition product but hasn’t said how many units will be available for purchase.

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