Sony recently brought back its Aibo robot dog after launching it first many years ago. The company has finally opened up pre-orders for the robot in the United States. Those who are interested in picking one up and have that kind of money to spend can now pre-order a First Litter Edition of Aibo in the United States. Sony expects to start shipping the robots by mid-December.

Sony relaunched the Aibo brand in Japan last year. The robot is packed with sensors, cameras, and actuators so that it’s very interactive with users. It can use its rear camera to navigate to its charging pad on its own. The robot dog can even identify family members using facial recognition.

As previously mentioned, this cute little robot won’t come cheap. It’s going to cost you $2,900 and Sony is understandably going to make it available in limited quantities. It’s not like people will be lining up to spend $3,000 on a robot.

Everything customers would need for the robot will come in the package, including toys like a pink ball and a bone. There are paw pads included as well. The price tag includes a three year AI Cloud service so that Aibo can learn users’ preferences, build relationships, and get better.

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