Allo is Google’s new messenger platform which is meant to replace Hangouts as far as regular users are concerned (Hangouts will be more enterprise focused). Given that it is a Google product, it wasn’t surprising that when Allo for the web was launched, it only worked on Google’s Chrome browser.

However the good news is that it looks like Google has decided to expand the compatibility of Allo for web and in a tweet by Google’s Amit Fulay, Allo for web’s browser compatibility has since extended to the likes of iOS, Firefox, and Opera. This means that if you’re not a Chrome user, not to worry as you’ll be able to access Allo on the web now using the browsers mentioned above.

Just head on over to the Allo website, scan the code with the Allo app to sync your accounts, and you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately it does not seem that support for Microsoft Edge has arrived so for Edge users, you guys will have to wait. In the meantime Allo for web is still only accessible by browser, so if you were hoping for a standalone application for your desktop like what we’ve seen WhatsApp do, we’re not sure if there are plans to make that happen, so you’ll have to access the feature via those browsers or your phone for now.

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