The artificial intelligence-powered Smart Reply feature has been available for Inbox by Gmail and Allo users for quite some time now. Google is finally bringing this feature to the main Gmail app so that the countless users that rely on its main email app can shoot faster replies to emails.

The Smart Reply feature saves users time by suggesting quick responses to their messages. It has proven to be very useful for Inbox users. Google points out that Smart Reply already drives 12 percent of all replies in Inbox on mobile. So it’s now bringing this feature to Gmail on Android and iOS.

Based on the email received, Smart Reply will suggest users three responses. They can immediately edit the one they select or just send it as it is. Either way, users end up saving valuable time.

Since this feature is powered by artificial intelligence, it relies on machine learning to come up with better responses the more it’s used, so the feature will improve over time.

Google has confirmed today that it’s going to roll out Smart Reply globally on Android and iOS in English language first. It also mentioned that support for the Spanish language is going to follow in the coming weeks. Support for more languages will be added in due time.

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