Alexa is the digital personal assistant that powers Amazon’s Echo devices. The company keeps adding new functionality to Alexa so that it’s capable of helping out users with more and thus make their lives easier. Amazon introduced a handful of new features for Alexa last week and one of them, called Remember This, is now available. The feature enables Alexa to remember things that you tell it to.


Amazon Echo users in the United States can make use of the Remember This feature starting today. The simple feature lets them use Alexa to store important information that they might need to recall in the future.

Users just need to give Alexa a command such as “make a note” or simply “remember” before speaking whatever it is that they want the assistant to remember. For example, they can ask Alexa to remember that they have to pick up a gift for a friend or that they have to call someone at a certain time of the day.

The information can then be recalled quite easily with a simple request, such as asking Alexa what time they have to call that particular person. Alexa will simply recall the information.

This feature is now rolling out to Amazon Echo users in the United States. It may soon be available in other markets as well.

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