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Mario - Silver Edition Amiibo Figure Set To Arrive Soon
Nintendo always had the uncanny ability to strike it big with their first party titles, although there has been some duds as well in the past where hardware is concerned – the Virtual Boy comes to mind. Having said that, the idea of amiibos have struck a chord with gamers, and while several amiibo figures have been discontinued already, with other amiibo figures experiencing shortage, we have received word that […]

Nintendo Apologizes For Amiibo Shortages And Promises To Improve Supply
It goes without saying that Nintendo’s amiibo figures are very popular with the community, so much so that last month customers scrambling to purchase the new figures ended up crashing GameStop’s website. Fans were obviously not delighted by the experience and criticized the lack of supply. Nintendo knows that things didn’t go well, which is why it has tendered an apology, and it also promises to improve supply of these toys.

Gold Mario Amiibo Figurine Might Be Exclusive To Walmart
As it stands, there are several of Nintendo’s Amiibos that have already been discontinued, meaning that if you were slow on the trigger, you’d be hardpressed trying to find one in the stores today. However if you were quick and pre-ordered, you’re pretty much sitting on a limited edition device.

Pre-Order Your Next Batch Of Amiibo Figures Now!
It looks as though the upcoming batch of Nintendo’s amiibo figurines are in the pipeline, which means you might want to be one of the early birds out there to obtain the proverbial worm. The upcoming sextet of toys were specially designed for Mario Party 10, and those who are interested will already be able to place a pre-order from Amazon. After all, collectors who are serious will definitely go […]


Toys R Us Cancelling Amiibo Figurine Pre-Orders
It’s interesting that despite an analyst predicting that the Nintendo Amiibo figurines will be pulling in a lot of revenue for the company, Nintendo has oddly enough decided that some of their Amiibo figurines will be a one time thing and that once they are sold out, there are no plans on bringing them back.Now it looks like Nintendo could be making would-be customers even more frustrated because according to […]

Fox And Samus Amiibo Figurines Could Soon Be Discontinued [Rumor]
As some of you guys might have heard, Nintendo has recently discontinued several Amiibo figurines which includes Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer. We’re not sure why the company has decided to do this, but basically if you wanted to get your hands on them, you’ll be hard pressed to find them in the shops.That being said, new rumors have surfaced which seems to suggest that the Fox and Samus […]

Discontinued Amiibos Could Be Available In Card Version
Earlier this month it was reported that there were some Nintendo Amiibo figurines that appeared to have been discontinued by Nintendo. We can’t be sure why Nintendo has decided to discontinue some of the figurines, especially when analysts have predicted that these figurines could pull in as much as $1 billion in revenue for the company.Well regardless of Nintendo’s decision, what does this mean for gamers? Does this mean that […]

Amiibo Could Be Supported By Third Party Publishers
Ah, Nintendo – they might not do so well with their latest console, the Wii U, amongst the midst of the other competitors, but this does not mean that Nintendo is at a dead end. Their collection of amiibo figurines (with some set to be discontinued), which have been estimated to have the potential to rake in up $1 billion in sales in the future, is now seeing the possibility […]

Several Amiibo Figurines Have Already Been Discontinued By Nintendo
Are you still on the fence regarding Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines? Are you wondering if they might be a good investment? Well here’s some bad news – it looks like if you were late to the Amiibo party, you could be missing out on several figurines. According to recent reports, it seems that Nintendo has actually discontinued several of their Amiibo characters.According to a tweet by retailer Video Games Plus, “Nintendo […]

Amiibo Figurines Estimated To Earn Nintendo $1 Billion In Sales
Compared to the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t doing quite as hot despite it being released earlier than Microsoft and Sony’s newer consoles. While Nintendo has experienced spike in sales following the release of titles such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros., those appear to be temporary, but there is a good chance that doom and gloom predictions for Nintendo could […]

Samus Aran Amiibo Figure With Defect Is Valuable On eBay
Whenever there is demand for a particular item with limited quantity in circulation, you can more or less be sure that there will be a corresponding increase in is price. Having said that, who would have thought that the Amiibo figurines from Nintendo might actually end up as a rather valuable commodity? I am not referring to the usual slew of Amiibo figurines that are all too common, but rather, […]

Amiibo Figures Store Enough Data For Just One Title At A Time
Nintendo might be on to something here with their amiibo figures, but until that happens in full swing and nothing comes out of it, only will we be able to come to a conclusion. Well, we do know that amiibo figures will play nice with a slew of Nintendo titles, although there is one particular caveat – these amiibo figurines have enough space in them to be able to hold […]

Certain Nintendo Amiibo Figurines Will Be Exclusive To Some Retailers
If you’re thinking that maybe you will be able to pick up a Nintendo Amiibo figurine from any retailer you want in the future, you might want to rethink that. It seems that Nintendo will be making some Amiibo figurines exclusive to certain retailers, meaning that if you tend to shop at one particular retailer because of reward points and loyalty cards, you’ll need to start expanding the places where […]

Nintendo Considering Opening Up Amiibo Figurines To Third-Party Devs
The Skylanders video game and toys is an interesting concept as it allows gamers to not only collect physical toys, but they are also able to use these toys in the game. Considering that Skylanders was actually outselling other action figures according to a report from last year, it didn’t come as a surprise when Nintendo announced their Amiibo figurines earlier this year.That being said, could Nintendo be considering allowing […]