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New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amiibo Leaked
Nintendo’s amiibo figurines have actually proven themselves to be quite the commodity item as they usually get sold out as soon as they go on sale. For those unfamiliar, amiibos act as collectible figurines but at the same time also allow gamers to unlock additional features within a game by tapping the amiibo with their Nintendo console.

Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Comes With 63 Amiibos
If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s amiibos, whether it be for collection purposes or because of certain perks it can unlock in games, then you might be very interested in an extremely limited edition Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle that was recently unveiled over on Amazon Japan (via Polygon).

Diablo 3 Amiibo For Nintendo Switch Revealed
Earlier in the week, it was speculated that there could be an Amiibo in the works for Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch. It looks like the datamine was accurate because Blizzard and NIntendo have since officially announced the Diablo 3 Amiibo in the form of a “loot goblin” which is expected to be exclusive to GameStop.

Datamine Reveals Possible Diablo Amiibo In The Works
Nintendo’s Amiibos have proven to be rather popular not just amongst gamers, but also collectors. For those unfamiliar, Amiibos are basically tiny figurines of characters from various Nintendo games. These figurines can be lined with the console and their accompanying game where it will unlock additional content.


Nintendo Still ‘All In’ On Amiibos
Nintendo has been focusing a fair bit on their Switch console and new games, as well as their new hardware efforts in the form of the Labo kits. However the company has been somewhat quiet on the Amiibo front, which we’re sure has led to some wondering about the future of the lineup.

Nintendo’s Next Amiibo Is A Kellogg’s Cereal Box
Nintendo’s Amiibos have typically come in the form of toys, such as small figurines, but it seems that Nintendo is expanding that notion. In fact according to a report from Cerealously, Nintendo’s next Amiibo comes in the form of a Kellogg’s cereal box, that you can see in the image to the right.

Bayonetta & Cloud Amiibo Reportedly Delayed Until 2017
If you were hoping to get your hands on the Bayonetta or Cloud Amiibo figurines, both of which were scheduled for a release in 2016, you’d be out of luck because according to a report from Let’s Play Video Games, both figurines have apparently been delayed until 2017, with the main reason being that Nintendo wanted them to be launched alongside the Switch console.

Amiibo Support For The Nintendo Switch Is Confirmed
Based on what we have heard and seen as far as Amiibo sales figures are concerned, it would seem that it is one of the better-selling Nintendo products. So with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, we’re sure many are wondering, especially those who might have invested hundreds of dollars into the Amiibo, will the Switch support the toys?

Amiibo Support For Smartphones Might Be A Possibility
You would think that physical toys and videogames are mutually exclusive, meaning that children will either have to choose between playing with a toy or playing videogames. However Nintendo (and other companies) have attempted to bridge that gap, and in Nintendo’s case we saw the launch of Amiibo figurines which have proven to be extremely popular.

More Rare Amiibo To Be Back In Stock
It is very much like Nintendo to come up with an idea that can be sold many times over, as well as keeping one’s interest in a character or game going several console generations down the road. Well, it seems that the amiibo madness is not going to end anytime soon, as amiibo collectors who happen to reside in North America will be able to pick up some of the […]

7 Million Nintendo Amiibos Sold In The US Since November
Nintendo launched their Amiibo figurines last year and surprisingly they have sold very well. In fact according to a report from VentureBeat that cites a report from The NPD Group, it seems that Nintendo has reportedly managed to sell a whopping 7 million Amiibo figurines to date, and this is just based on its US sales since November of 2014.The company is also expected to launch its next wave of […]

Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Set To Be The "Biggest"
Nintendo has always had the penchant for coming up with something quirky that is strangely appealing, too. In fact, one of their more recent “moves” in the market would be the release of the amiibo figurines, which has been speculated to net Nintendo approximately $1 billion in sales, now how about that? Not only that, it was in May earlier this year that Nintendo issued an apology for the shortage […]

GameStop Reportedly Halting Amiibo Pre-Orders
While some might have dismissed the Nintendo Amiibo figurines as novelty when they were first announced, it turns out that these little toys are proving to be extremely popular, so much so that Nintendo is still having a hard time keeping up with demand. That being said, there is a new rumor that supply is so bad that retailers such as GameStop have had to halt pre-orders.This reportedly comes from […]

Fake Nintendo Amiibo Figurines Have Been Making Their Rounds
The Amiibo figurines have proven to be a huge success for Nintendo, with analysts estimating that these figurines could very well net the Japanese gaming company as much as $1 billion in sales, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that in markets around the world, there have been a variety of fake Amiibo characters spotted.As you can see in the image above courtesy of Info Amiibo (via Nintendo […]

Mario - Silver Edition Amiibo Figure Set To Arrive Soon
Nintendo always had the uncanny ability to strike it big with their first party titles, although there has been some duds as well in the past where hardware is concerned – the Virtual Boy comes to mind. Having said that, the idea of amiibos have struck a chord with gamers, and while several amiibo figures have been discontinued already, with other amiibo figures experiencing shortage, we have received word that […]

Nintendo Apologizes For Amiibo Shortages And Promises To Improve Supply
It goes without saying that Nintendo’s amiibo figures are very popular with the community, so much so that last month customers scrambling to purchase the new figures ended up crashing GameStop’s website. Fans were obviously not delighted by the experience and criticized the lack of supply. Nintendo knows that things didn’t go well, which is why it has tendered an apology, and it also promises to improve supply of these toys.

Gold Mario Amiibo Figurine Might Be Exclusive To Walmart
As it stands, there are several of Nintendo’s Amiibos that have already been discontinued, meaning that if you were slow on the trigger, you’d be hardpressed trying to find one in the stores today. However if you were quick and pre-ordered, you’re pretty much sitting on a limited edition device.

Pre-Order Your Next Batch Of Amiibo Figures Now!
It looks as though the upcoming batch of Nintendo’s amiibo figurines are in the pipeline, which means you might want to be one of the early birds out there to obtain the proverbial worm. The upcoming sextet of toys were specially designed for Mario Party 10, and those who are interested will already be able to place a pre-order from Amazon. After all, collectors who are serious will definitely go […]

Toys R Us Cancelling Amiibo Figurine Pre-Orders
It’s interesting that despite an analyst predicting that the Nintendo Amiibo figurines will be pulling in a lot of revenue for the company, Nintendo has oddly enough decided that some of their Amiibo figurines will be a one time thing and that once they are sold out, there are no plans on bringing them back.Now it looks like Nintendo could be making would-be customers even more frustrated because according to […]

Fox And Samus Amiibo Figurines Could Soon Be Discontinued [Rumor]
As some of you guys might have heard, Nintendo has recently discontinued several Amiibo figurines which includes Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer. We’re not sure why the company has decided to do this, but basically if you wanted to get your hands on them, you’ll be hard pressed to find them in the shops.That being said, new rumors have surfaced which seems to suggest that the Fox and Samus […]