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Google Opinion Rewards Asking For Possible Android N Names
When Google releases new builds of Android, it usually takes a while before a name can be decided on. Last year we had Android M which remained that way for a while before it was decided that it should be called Marshmallow. This year we have Android N and so far it’s anyone’s guess as to what it will be called.

Night Mode Makes An Appearance In Android N
Last year when Google announced Android 6.0 Marshmallow, one of the features noticed in the developer preview was a Dark theme setting. What this does is that it gives the UI a dark makeover which when used at night, is less glaring than having a white UI shining into your eyes. Unfortunately the feature never made it to the final release.

Android N Lets Users Adjust Their Display Calibration
If there is one way that handset makers differentiate themselves from the others is through its display. We’re sure you’ve noticed why some displays might look more vibrant than others, and while display technology matters, it also boils down to how the handset maker has chosen to calibrate their display.

Google Reassures OTA Updates For Android N Even If Flashed Manually
Last week Google released the developer preview for Android N. Some of you guys might have been pretty excited about it and might have gone and downloaded the system image to flash the OS onto your phone manually. Now if you’re regretting that decision because you think that you won’t get OTA updates, you can rest easy.


Android N Lets You Drag And Drop Text Between Apps
As some of you guys might have already heard, the developer preview of Android N has been released. Now when it comes to copying and pasting on smartphones, it isn’t as easy compared to using a computer, but it seems that Android N is hoping to solve that by allowing users to drag and drop text from app to app.

Android N For The Nexus 5 Is Still A Possibility
When Google released the developer preview of Android N, the handsets and devices with the software included the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, the Pixel C, and the Android One handset. Missing from that list is the Nexus 5 which was released back in 2013, making it a 3-year old device.

Android N Comes With Data Saving Features
Having apps run and update themselves in the background is great if you wish to be more efficient and launch apps that won’t need refreshing. However at the same time, these actions can be rather draining not just on your battery, but also on your data since everytime data needs to be fetched or pushed, data is consumed.

Google Hangouts Updated With Android N Support
It was just yesterday that Google released the developer preview of Android N, and while it might be a while before the update is released in its final form to the public, it seems that Google has wasted no time in updating some of its apps with support for the latest build of Android, and Google Hangouts is one of them.

Android N’s Easter Egg Has Been Discovered
Google surprised everyone yesterday by releasing the developer preview of Android N. Typically Google makes these announcements at Google I/O, followed by a developer preview shortly after, but we guess this year Google is trying to switch things up. That being said, every Android build comes with an easter egg, and thanks to the folks at Phone Radar, Android N’s easter egg has been found.

Android N Lets Users Save Their Emergency Info For First Responders
As you might have heard, earlier today Google surprised everyone with the release of the developer preview of Android N, the next major build of Android. The platform will no doubt come with a host of new features and improvements that will make your mobile life more convenient, but they also included at least one feature that could potentially save your life.

Google Launches Android Beta Program
Are you interested in participating in Android betas? If you are the type that’s curious and can’t wait for the final release, then a beta program might be of interest to you, and the good news is that it looks like Google’s Android Beta program page has gone live in which users who are interested can sign up to be part of it.

Android 'N' Developer Preview Released
There were rumors floating around that Google might release the developer preview of the next major Android update today and now it has. The next major Android update doesn’t have a name just yet, Google’s calling it Android “N” for now, and today it has released the developer preview which gives us all a glimpse of what the company is going to unveil at I/O 2016.

Android N Will Get A New System Settings Design
The other day we managed to get a look at what kind of redesigns Google will be making with Android N. That day we only covered the notification shade, and now a new report from Android Police has revealed that there will be more designs and this time it looks like Google will be making those design changes to the System Settings menu.

Google Teases (Or Trolls) Android N’s Name
Android N will be the next major build of Android. It is unclear as to what the N will stand for, but there has been some speculation that it could be called Nutella, or at the very least Nutella seems to be a crowd favorite. However recently Google’s SVP of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer took to Twitter to tease its upcoming name.