android_n_notificationThe next major build of Android will be Android N. What the N stands for is anyone’s guess, but with Google I/O coming up in the next few months, we guess it won’t be too long until additional details are revealed. Now thanks to the folks at Android Police, they have received some tips about some of the changes Android N will be introducing.

One of those changes includes a redesigned notification shade. As you can see in the screenshot above, the one on the left is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Its notifications are almost edge-to-edge and there’s a separation in between the sections. However on the right it is Android N and it seems to sport a more seamless design, with full width notifications with barely visible separators.

It also seems that the notification shade will also provide quick access to certain features of the operating system, like WiFi, battery, flash light, and etc. Google currently provides said shortcuts but you will have to pull it down further to access them, but with Android N, it looks like some of the more basic settings can be accessed much easily.

We should point out that according to Android Police, the screenshot of Android N’s notification shade is only a mockup of what they saw since they are unable to post the actual thing, so what you see might not necessarily be what you get. Also since it is still pretty early on, it is possible that there could be changes made along the way from now until the final release.

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