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First Android N Beta Release Rolling Out Today
Since Google released the Android N developer preview a few months ago, much is already known about the next major Android release, Google went through all of the new features and improvements during its Google I/O 2016 keynote today and demonstrated some of those features as well. Android N is going to be released publicly later this summer but today the company has started rolling out the first Android N […]

Google Would Like You To Suggest Names For Android N
Google launched the Android N developer preview a couple of months ago, back then the company didn’t confirm what it’s going to call the latest version of its mobile operating system but while many of us expected it to announce a moniker at Google I/O 2016, the company has actually decided to throw the ball in our court. It would like you to suggest names for Android N.

Android N May Not Have '3D Touch' Support At Launch
It was reported last month that Google is working on adding support for “3D Touch” in Android. We expected that the company would unveil support for native pressure sensing displays in Android N at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference earlier this month but a new report suggests that the feature won’t be ready in time and that Android N is going to have support for it at launch.

Android N Will Prevent Stagefright From Happening Again
Last year you guys might have heard of a security vulnerability called Stagefright that seemed to have everyone rushing to patch it. For those unfamiliar, the vulnerability involved hackers being able to remotely gain access to a device simply by sending an MMS, which in turn would be processed by the phone and the code executed.


Sony Xperia Z2 Gets Unofficial Android N Dev Preview Port
When Google officially released Android N’s developer preview, they only made it available to Nexus handsets. We suppose this shouldn’t really come as a surprise since Nexus devices are as “pure” as they get when it comes to Android smartphones. However Google later hinted that it could make its way to non-Nexus handsets.

Android N Preview Expanded To Sony Xperia Z3
Every year Google releases a developer preview of the upcoming Android release. The previews are almost always limited to Nexus devices so if you don’t own a Nexus smartphone or tablet you can’t flash the beta firmware. In a significant change from the status quo, Google has decided to expand Android N preview to Sony Xperia Z3. Owners will have to flash the preview build manually first after which updates […]

Android N May Feature Improved Support For Virtual Reality
Google may have released developer previews of Android N but it’s yet to fully unveil the next major Android OS update. It hasn’t even confirmed what the name of this update is going to be but that and more will be unveiled at Google I/O next month. There are reports about what new features Android N might come with and the latest report suggests that it’s going to have improved support for […]

Android N Will Support Pressure Sensitive Displays
Unlike Touch ID that launched with the iPhone 5s and has since inspired many smartphone makers to introduce similar security features on their products, 3D Touch/Force Touch did not appear to have the same runaway success despite the fact that there were many rumors last year that phones in 2016 will sport the feature.

Android N Preview v2.0 Receives New App Folder Design
Software will need to be updated from time to time in order to keep up with the rest of the competition, otherwise one would risk falling behind and being considered as outdated. It seems that the Android N Preview v2.0 has a brand new app folder design, and the Nova Launcher is rather quick on the job in order to match it.

Android N Will See Google Redesign Their Emojis
If there is one thing Google has been doing to set itself apart from the competition, it would be with its emojis which have been rather strangely designed. This isn’t so much a problem if you use Google’s apps like Hangouts, in which the emojis would be the same, but if you’re using a different non-Google app, that’s when things get a bit confusing.

Samsung Might Have Revealed Android N’s Version Number
Last month Google released the developer preview of Android N. Unfortunately the developer preview did not give us any inkling as to what the latest build of Android will be called, or what version number it will be, but now thanks to Samsung, it seems that the company might have inadvertently revealed the version number for Android N.

Android N Dev Preview Could Extend To Non-Nexus Devices
Google released Android N’s developer preview last month and as expected and as we have seen in previous cases, the developer preview is only available to those with Nexus devices. This is a bit unfortunate for those who do not own Nexus devices but want to get in on the developer preview fun all the same.

Galaxy Note 6 Release Rumored For July
A new rumor out of Korea claims that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note 6 early this year. The phablet is usually unveiled at IFA in the fall and released a few weeks later. Today’s rumor suggests that the handset will be unveiled over the summer and will be released in July. It also claims that the Galaxy Note 6 is going to come with Android N straight […]

Android N Will Come With A Freeform Window Mode
When it comes to software on computers, the fact that we can move and resize pretty much any window means that it is possible to have multiple apps running on top of each other. When it comes to smartphones, not so much since apps usually take up the whole screen. However that could soon change with Android N.