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Angry Birds 2 Gets A Major Update
Back in the day, Angry Birds used to dominate the app charts, although these days it’s safe to say that the Angry Birds franchise isn’t quite what it used to be, and has since ceded its dominant position to the likes of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Candy Crush, Pokemon GO, and so on.

Angry Birds 2 Sees Over 30 Million Downloads In Two Weeks
If your first modern day smartphone was the iPhone, chances are you might be familiar with the game Angry Birds. It was one of the first few games available on touchscreen devices that took advantage of gestures to make a game which has since become a beloved title by many around the world.In fact its developers Rovio launched a true sequel a couple of weeks ago in the form of […]

Angry Birds 2 Sees 20 Million Downloads In Its First Week
The Angry Birds franchise is old and admittedly getting a little boring despite the various iterations that Rovio keeps putting out, which is why when Angry Birds 2 was announced, we were genuinely curious to see if the game still managed to command the same level of appeal it did a few years ago.Turns out it does. According to a recent post by Rovio, they have officially announced that Angry […]

Angry Birds 2 Sees 10 Million Downloads In 3 Days
A few days ago, Rovio announced that Angry Birds 2 saw 1 million downloads in its first 12 hours. We were initially skeptical about the game given that the Angry Birds franchise is a little old, but it looks like we were proven wrong because in a recent tweet by Rovio, it turns out the game is doing a lot better than expected.According to Rovio’s tweet, it seems that Angry […]


Angry Birds 2 Sees 1 Million Downloads In 12 Hours
Just yesterday, Rovio launched their latest Angry Birds game in the form of Angry Birds 2, which we suppose given the name could be considered to be a true sequel to the original, despite the fact that there have been various iterations and movie tie-ins of the game being launched over the past few years.Now we had to wonder how well the game would do given that the franchise was […]

Angry Birds 2 Launch
Angry Birds 2 launched today and I got a sneak peak during an event in San Francisco on Tuesday.Developed by Finish company Rovio, the original Angry Birds, which was a phenomenal success, launched  in December 2009 and since then, and after multiple versions,  got 3 billion downloads.During the event, I met Patrick Liu, Creative Director of Angry Birds 2 and he explained briefly what is new in the game’s sequel. […]

No Angry Birds 2 On Windows Phone - Yet
When Rovio announced Angry Birds 2 not too long ago, with the moniker “the mother of all sequels” attached to it, the world of mobile gaming was certainly in a buzz, to say the least. After all, this particular title had certainly gone the distance across numerous platforms to be what it is today, a juggernaut not only in terms of gaming, but also commercial appeal as well. In fact, […]

Angry Birds 2 Teased For July 28th Announcement
Is the Angry Birds franchise starting to get a little long in the tooth? Perhaps, but considering that it is still Rovio’s cash cow, so to speak, we can’t blame them if they want to keep milking it. In fact after what seemed like countless iterations and variants of the Angry Birds franchise, we might finally have a true sequel to the game.According to a tweet by IGN’s Justin Davis, […]