angry birds 2 3mA few days ago, Rovio announced that Angry Birds 2 saw 1 million downloads in its first 12 hours. We were initially skeptical about the game given that the Angry Birds franchise is a little old, but it looks like we were proven wrong because in a recent tweet by Rovio, it turns out the game is doing a lot better than expected.

According to Rovio’s tweet, it seems that Angry Birds 2 has seen over 10 million downloads since its release which was about 3 days ago. That is very impressive for a game that has been around for several years now. Of course it helps that the game is a free download unlike previous Angry Birds titles.

The game was announced on the 31st of July and while there have been many Angry Birds variants, safe to say that this is probably its truest successor. While the core of the game is the same where players fling birds at pigs in structures trying to knock it down, a lot of the game has actually changed.

For starters there are new mechanics, new spells and features, and let’s not forget a brand new engine which gives it a more 3D look and feel versus the flat-ish cartoony style of its predecessor. For now the game is only available on iOS and Android but hopefully we’ll see a wider release in the future.

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