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Watch Face API Released
It is now official – the Android Wear Watch Face API is now available if you so happen to be a developer. After all, variety is the spice of life, and with the ability to be able to enjoy various watch faces on your smartwatch, you will have a greater degree of flexibility to express yourself – not to mention being able to have a different “watch” for various occasions […]

Google Allegedly Working On New Android Camera API, Supports RAW Image Output
It has been brought to our attention that the good people over at Android are possibly developing a totally new Android camera application programming interface (API). This API is touted to deliver support for uncompressed RAW image output, not to mention a slew of additional features that will definitely come in handy such as face detection. These details hail from a commit that was dated October 11th, where it was […]

Jawbone Opens UP API To Developers
The Jawbone UP launched just last year to allow its users to be able to track what they do on a daily basis, although if you’re the type of person who sits on the couch all day long, it might be a waste to own one. But that’s besides the point as today, Jawbone is announcing they have released an API for its UP that will allow developers to create applications […]

Sony Rolls Out Illumination Bar API
Sony has released an experimental API for the LED illumination bar in select Xperia handsets.


Google Maps Engine API Launched
Google just announced the release of their Maps Engine API, a service that allows customers to build, store and distribute their own maps and associated data in a public or private way. Google Maps Engine was formerly called “Earth Builder”. Today’s announcement concerns the application programming interface (API) which is necessary for creating massive projects programmatically, and for integrating the data back into client or web application.

Google+ Photo & Video APIs to roll out soon
Someone over at Google must have made a mistake – they announced news that Google+ Photo & Video APIs will be released soon, only to take down the posts shortly after that. Good thing the Internet has a memory now thanks to the caching system by none other than Google themselves, where this page had already been spotted by others as well in the process. The removed blog post did […]

Pioneer Launches ZYPR Mobile API and Revenue Sharing Model
Pioneer has just announced that it has launched its voice-powered ZYPR API for mobile and embedded applications like smartphone, tablets and automotive entertainment systems. The idea behind ZYPR is quite simple: there are dozens or hundreds of web services today, and each of them provide their own set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to access data. ZYPR is designed to unify all of them into a single API.

HTC will release Beats Audio API to developers
With our phones being more than capable of doubling up as our portable media player, it made sense that HTC tried to give themselves an edge over the competition by purchasing a majority stake in Beats Audio, which they then integrated into several of their upcoming phones. While we have no doubts that Beats Audio will be bringing an improvement to audio quality on selected HTC handsets, is there a […]

Viadeo Opens Public API and Launches Developer Contest
Viadeo is a business social network similar to LinkedIn and very popular outside the USA, the service  is number one in China and number two in India, with a global user-base of over 35 million members. Since the re-design of its brand and website, Viadeo growth rate has soared: one million new members are joining each month.Today, Viadeo launched its public API in the US, providing a Viadeo Connect button […]

Diffbot API uses visual learning to parse web content
Diffbot making its visual learning application programming interface (API) available to developers who want to create apps that need to understand the structure of web pages in an efficient way. Traditionally, developers who wanted to understand a web page would start by looking at its code. From there, many algorithms can be used to extract information like an article content, an author name etc… However, because each page’s HTML code […]

iOS 5 has face detection API for developers
If you thought the selection of apps available on iOS devices now was impressive, wait ’til you hear about what iOS 5 will bring to the table. According to reports online – iOS 5 is going to include face detection technology, and the best part is that Apple will be opening up facial recognition as a public developer API for iOS 5 apps. This means that Apple will be leaving […]

Google now offers in-app payments for web apps
Web apps for Google Chrome were introduced earlier this year with the release of Google Chrome 9, and since then it’s been proven to be quite a hit. Who would’ve thought that apps that run in a browser could generate so much attention? Well, after introducing the in-app payments system for Android not too long ago, Google has now introduced in-app payment for its web apps.This move will give users […]

Google offer Google Translate API for a fee
A couple of weeks ago we reported that Google had announced the shutting down of several APIs including the hugely popular Google Translate. Undoubtedly it sprouted a barrage of comments from unhappy developers who made use of the APIs in their websites/apps. Some people were more constructive though, and suggested that Google offer a paid version of the Translation API instead, to help curb its “extensive abuse”.And it looks like […]

Google gets rid of APIs for Translate and other services
While this piece of news might not directly affect you, it looks like some of your favorite websites or web services might be affected by Google’s latest announcement. On the official Google Code blog, they announced that at the end this year, they will be getting rid of some of their APIs (Application Programming Interface). In case you weren’t aware of what an API is, it is a collection of […]