LendleLendle, the book lending service that provides an easy way for users to lend and borrow lendable Amazon books, was shut down yesterday when Amazon decided to revoke Lendle’s access to their APIs. The reason that Amazon gave was that Lendle does not “serve the principal purpose of driving sales of products and services on the Amazon site.” With a statement that vague, it wasn’t clear what they meant. It looked like all hope was lost, especially when Lendle announced on their website that the service had been shut down. But it looks like it wasn’t too big of an issue. They received a reply from Amazon about what they could do to reinstate the service – all Lendle had to do was disable the Book Sync tool. Since complying with Amazon’s requests, the service is now back up and running, with the exception of the Book sync tool that syncs Kindle books with Lendle accounts. If you’ve been looking for a way to borrow and lend books on Amazon, head over to Lendle to find out more about how it works.

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