Pioneer has just announced that it has launched its voice-powered ZYPR API for mobile and embedded applications like smartphone, tablets and automotive entertainment systems. The idea behind ZYPR is quite simple: there are dozens or hundreds of web services today, and each of them provide their own set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to access data. ZYPR is designed to unify all of them into a single API.For developers, the task and the learning curve can be daunting. For example, if you try to build a social network aggregator, you may have to write some variants of code for each network. It takes time, which means that this will slow down your time to market, and cost more to develop.

With ZYPR, Pioneer is doing the heavy lifting for developers. They take on the task of talking to each service, and propose a single API that developers can use to access multiple services. The developer saves time, money, and write simpler code which is easier to port across operating systems. Developer can register now for free at

In exchange for this added value, Pioneer will seek a share of the revenue. How much will depends of the service that is accessed, but Pioneer made it clear that they are seeking a fair deal for everyone.

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