vernee-apolloVernee has shown off the pricing details of its upcoming Apollo smartphone that will boast of 10 cores – now how about that? What makes the Vernee Apollo all the more special is the fact that this particular smartphone model will arrive with 6GB of RAM, which is a whole lot more than what other smartphone models in the market come with right out of the box, and so far it seems to follow after the Vivo Xplay 5 that comes with 6GB of RAM as well.

The Vernee Apollo might be pretty nice in terms of looks from the outside, but Chinese-manufactured smartphones are at this point in time better looking than working. I have used an Oukitel K6000 myself before, and while it looks great, fooling some folks into thinking that it is an iPhone of sorts, the user interface leaves much to be desired. In due time, the software from China will no doubt catch up with the hardware design, but if you would prefer to have a hassle-free life without any kind of distraction, then surely it would be better to stick to a more established name at the moment.

For sure you will benefit from the 128GB of internal memory and Android Marshmallow right out of the box, all for $399 a pop.

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