The Clear 4G-Apollo router did make an appearance at the FCC a while ago, and since it has leaked out on the Internet already, why not go ahead to make it official? That is exactly what Clear has done with their latest generation 4G hotspot device. The Spot 4G-Apollo is different from the other devices to date simply because it is touted to have its very own display that goes one up on all those LEDs on current routers. This display will show off metadata such as connection strength, battery life, and amount of data transferred amongst others – all without having to check out your browser. Being the good and obedient router that it is, it is capable of handling up to eight devices simultaneously via Wi-Fi with a six-hour battery life – now the latter is definitely not something you see every day.

Manufactured by Gemtek, this hotspot will not feature legacy 3G support that allows you to roam on Sprint’s network, but if you are on WiMAX, it ought to huddle around the typical 3Mbps to 6Mbps speeds as promised by Clear.

To purchase or hire? That is a question all households need to ask themselves, as purchasing the Spot 4G-Apollo will cost you $100, or you can always rent it at $6 per month. Expect to see stores stock the Clear 4G-Apollo router from the end of July onwards.

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